Why should you invest in a patio cover

Why Should You Invest in a Patio Cover? Reasons You Need to Know!

You see them appealing a lot in gardens: patio covers.   

Maybe you have already figured out for yourself why you should put one in the backyard. But if you are still curious about the reasons why patio covers are so popular: we list the reasons and advantages for you!  

Anyone planning to buy a patio cover should think carefully about that purchase. Installing a covering on your terrace is quite an investment. It is, therefore, necessary to do it right immediately. But why should I even invest in a patio cover from StrongBuild, you may think? Very simple: because patio roofs are not only stylish and beautiful but also have many practical advantages. You can read the most significant benefits in this blog!  

8 reasons why you should invest in a patio cover  

1. Suitable for every home  

Nowadays almost any house can have a patio. As long as your house has a garden, it is possible to place a patio cover, regardless of the size of the house and the garden.  

patio cover Suitable for every home

2. Enjoy your home more  

A patio cover not only gives you more space in your home, but it also gives you the opportunity to enjoy your home in a new way. A porch or canopy brings you closer to nature and the outdoors while remaining a distinct part of your home.  

3. Make an impression  

There are a few things in a home that immediately impress friends and family, and perhaps the most important of these is a porch.    

4. Experience the outdoors in luxury  

Life on a patio is unique, you are close to nature, but you can enjoy all the luxury of a house. No cheap plastic tables and garden chairs, but a cozy interior.  

5. Affordable than you Think  

Many people think that a patio cover or roof is unaffordable. But did you know that a patio cover in Vancouver is actually very affordable? Especially if you include the added value of your home, it will in almost all cases yield more than the investment.  

6. Easily and quickly installed  

Patio covers are always designed in advance, which means that the parts of the veranda or covering can largely already be assembled at your home. This means that the installation always runs smoothly, and you can enjoy your new backyard or garden in no time.  

7. Many different styles available  

Patio covers come in many different shapes and styles. Whether you have a modern house or a classic building, different materials and finishes allow you to choose a porch that fits seamlessly into your home.  

8. Patio can be used all year round  

Sitting outside in the winter is probably not something you want. But with a patio cover, you can often sit outside all year round if you wish. Because a veranda can be covered and even closed off, you can always enjoy it.  

Advantages of Installing a Patio Cover  

  • Extension of your house  

Patio covers actually make the living space of your home a bit bigger: after all, you can use them all year round! With a heater or a cozy wood-burning stove on the patio, you can also sit outside with friends in winter. The roof does not have to be attached to your house for that. Moreover, you can furnish the terrace just as trendy and cozy as your home: it really is an extension of your home.  

invest in patio cover Extension of your house  
  • Stop The Sun and Rain

One of the essential advantages and functions of a patio cover is the sun protection of your patio. You can sit comfortably sheltered on your terrace, even when it is extremely hot. Conversely, the same applies in bad weather: when it rains, a patio cover acts like a protective umbrella. You can sit on your terrace, enjoy a barbecue yourself, while it is soaking wet around you.

nvest in a patio cover stop sun and rain
  • Protection against harmful UV rays

It is now generally known that we must be more careful with sunlight and UV radiation; especially in the summer. A patio cover really helps! As mentioned, a roof at the terrace keeps out the sun. Extra nice is that this also applies to the UV rays in the sunlight. As a result, your skin is better protected, and you have less chance of burning.  

In the hottest part of the day, when the sun casts its most harmful rays into the garden, you can sit outside safely and comfortably. You can also create a nice playground for children with a roof on hot days.  

  • Space for plants and decorations

The advantage of a patio cover is that it is not only functional but also brings a lot of extra atmospheres to the garden. It will become even more atmospheric, more natural and elegant if you choose to decorate. For example, hang fresh hanging plants from the ceiling and hang a few paintings, a cool station clock or other decorations on the ceiling or wall. This way, you create a cozy, natural and fresh atmosphere on your terrace!  

  • Wide choice of models

The great thing about patio roofs is the wide choice you can have as a consumer. There are open and more closed roofs, many style variants (classic or modern) and various extras that you can opt for. Therefore, be sure to familiarize yourself with the options before making a final purchase!  

Wide choice of models for invest in patio cover
  • Wide choice of modelsFast way to add your home value  

Do you dread the investment for a patio cover? This does not have to be expensive, but don’t forget the following: a patio cover adds more value to your home. It makes your garden and home more beautiful, and you create an extra living space. So, you often get that investment out when you sell. A new patio cover in Vancouver immediately adds more value to your home. Not only is it essentially an extra room, but it also gives your home a luxurious look.  

Thinking to install a patio cover in your backyard or terrace? Let us guide you with the best choices and style you can opt. 


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