What is the difference between three and four season sunroom Which one is the best

What is The Difference Between 3 Season and 4 Season Sunroom?

Who has never dreamed of being able to enjoy the sun all year round? Who won’t like to spend cool winter days relishing the sunshine while having a cup of coffee? Do you want to treat yourself to bask in the sun as it should be? In this blog, we’ll clarify the difference between a 3 season room and 4 season sunroom.

Congratulations! Now could be the right time to add a sunroom to your home and thus benefit from every ray of sunshine in winter as in summer! This home improvement project may make your dream, but be careful not to go too fast because there is a lot to think about before embarking on this type of expansion.  

Now, the first question to ask yourself is undoubtedly the most important: 3 season or 4 season sunrooms? Discover here the importance of each one as per the advice of our professionals that would help you make an accurate choice. Even bright!  

The three seasons, which, as its name suggests, cannot be used in winter, and the four seasons which can be used year-round.  

Things to consider before selecting one:  

  • What would be your main purpose of getting a sunroom?  
  • How much are you willing to spend?  
  • When will you rest in your season?  
  • What are the secondary purposes of your sunroom?  

Considering these questions and needs would help you get a clear decision.   

The 4 Season Sunroom – Sunbathing All Year Round 

The Four Season Sunroom Sunbathing All Year Round

The four-season solarium is the ideal solution for lounging all year round in the light of a new living room. To face the cold of winter and guarantee your comfort at all times, this type of sunroom is equipped with double glazed glass with high energy efficiency. It is the weight of these glasses that requires a very solid 4-season canopy structure, like the extruded aluminum one with thermal breakage proposed by our experts. The foundations must also be able to support the mass of the structure and the glass of your four-season sunroom. This is why we recommend piles screwed to the ground or the poured concrete foundation for your house extension.  

Finally, always with the aim of guaranteeing the best possible comfort, we offer to install adequate ventilation and heating in your 4-season sunroom. This will allow you to avoid condensation on the windows or even cold drafts.  

Three seasons sunroom – early spring, extended fall  

The 3-season sunroom allows you to start the summer before everyone else and extend it until the heart of autumn. Requiring less efficient materials than the 4-season solarium, it is expected to be more affordable. In particular, the 3-season sunrooms can be installed with single glass and with a lighter aluminum structure. 

Three seasons sunroom early spring, extended fall- difference between three and four-season

After explaining what purposes 3 season or 4 season sunroom serve, let us get you through the main difference points between the two.  

Key Differences between the two! 

Seasonal Difference   

During the winter, four-season sunrooms are used when it is sunny, and they can become a well-protected secondary entrance to enjoy a pleasant time. Whereas when the three-season sunrooms are exposed to the south, their temperature can become difficult to bear in summer from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. However, the room will cool down quickly to be very comfortable during the evening.  


Generally, four-seasons sunrooms are costly than three-season sunrooms. The 3 season solarium is obviously less expensive as the work required for the installation is much less important. The good news here is, StrongBuild offers a four-season sunroom at the same price as of three season room. So, no need to compromise with the quality anymore!  


3-seasons sunrooms do not need foundations, and its structure is significantly less heavy, simply because it is not insulated, and its glazing is simple. Its installation is also simpler. Although it has many advantages, a 3-seasons sunroom is really not advisable as it could cause condensation.  

A 4-season solarium is obviously an exciting choice because it will allow you to enjoy the sun’s rays even in winter. It allows you to save on the heating bill.  

Glass Options  in 3 and 4 Season Sunroom

Note that a 4-season solarium is made of 85% glass. Your choice of glass is then very important. While 3-season sunrooms are made of single glass, 4-season sunrooms are made with double-glazed glass.  

Lifespan and value of the investment   

It is up to you to decide whether you prefer to opt for a 3 or 4 season solarium but know that the lifespan is crucial in both the cases. You can quickly go 15 years without doing significant work and be sure that this addition will increase your home’s value since it increases its living space. In that case, four-season provides more value for your money.

Lifespan and value of the investment

Now that you have clear information about everything, why not call on the experts at StrongBuild Sunrooms to install your sunroom?  

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