Putting a TV in a Sunroom

What About Putting a TV in a Sunroom?

Well, the sunroom is just like any other room. The only difference is it is not inside the house but outside, yet within the premises.   

A sunroom is not only used for growing plants but it can also be used and converted in the way you want it to be. Yes, if you want your sunroom to have a TV, you can definitely get it. However, there will be some factors that you will have to consider like your budget, the environment of your sunroom, etc.    

Basically, whatever you desire to get in terms of interior design for your sunroom will be encouraged by two main factors i.e., practicality and the requirements.  

Once you upgrade your sunroom, it might become one of the most visited rooms in your home. And if you add a television set, you will definitely start to love the sunroom space. But the question is can you really reconcile all recreational needs into a sunroom? The answer is yes, you can. As already said above. But let us understand it with an example of how the process will go. For instance, the last thing you would want to set up is a 42-inch flat screen as a focal point of a sunroom. The whole idea of having a sunroom is to enjoy and relax under the natural sunlight without leaving your comfort zone. This is all about having fun. But the tricky part is the installation of the TV without making it lose its charm is the challenge. 

If you want a television in your sunroom, consider creating a hideaway entertainment center which does not distract from the beauty of the room. You can also do it by crafting one by yourself or by getting it installed professionally.    

Remember to include patterns, colors, and styles which already exist inside the room. Make sure it compliments your sunroom and uses extra cabinet space for the storage of the clutter, if any. 

There is another option that is to use your sunroom strictly as a recreational room where your kids and you can watch movies on the weekend. During the weekdays, you can use it as a quiet private space just to spend some self-time without any distractions. 
Either way, television will be able to add a dimension of recreation to your sunroom. It is completely at your discretion to make the most of the sunroom in the house.   

It will be up to you to mesh style and entertainment to please all the senses.  

There are a lot of choices that you can make when it comes to interior designing. Anything can be done in the interior design world. Just a hint of creativity will add a fun element to the sunroom. 

Where Do You Put a TV in a Sunroom? 

where put a tv in a sunroom

Just like in a living room, you would just put a TV in the corner of the room or on a small furniture piece. Similarly, you can mount a television on the wall as long as you choose not to interrupt any artwork or any other decor. You can even consider hanging it from the ceiling on mounted brackets. 

Can You Block a Window With a TV? 

Block a Window With a TV

You have a choice to put a TV in front of a window. Just make sure not to place a TV in the area where it gets a direct sunlight because it can cause damage to the Tv screen. At the same time, make sure there is a room for opening the window, just in case you need to make room a bit airy.  

Best Place to Put TV in a Sunroom 

TV should be placed at an eye level because you are able to see comfortably. You won’t be straining your neck, eyes by looking up or down to see the screen. Usually, about 4 feet off the ground is considered good.  

Considering to have a TV in a sunroom means you are converting your sunroom into a living room. Perhaps another living room. It will be a good idea to have two living rooms because it will provide you additional space. 

If you are thinking of increasing rooms and space in your house, contact Strong Build sunrooms in Vancouver.     


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