Ways To Keep Your Sunroom Cool

Ways To Keep Your Sunroom Cool

Sunrooms make a perfect space for relaxation. These are a great addition to your home. Sunrooms provide extra space to enjoy and relax with your family and friends. Sunroom at your place will prove to be a boon when utilized effectively. 

You might be thinking that sunrooms cannot be used in summers because of excessive heat and humidity and whatnot. But let me just tell you that sunrooms can be utilized in the best possible manner even during summers. All you need to do is – just follow some steps and keep it cool. Once you keep it at a temperature that allows you to enjoy nature without getting disturbed by bugs, worms, or the harsh weather, you will feel that having a sunroom is worth more than you expect.  

Since sunrooms allow sunlight in abundance, a great source of Vitamin D in winters, these can get difficult to bear in summers.  

To make your sunroom worthy of use all throughout the year, here are some tips that you must follow and keep the sunroom cool in summer.   

Here are some cost-effective tips: 

Install Blinds 

Install Blinds in sunroom

Blinds may seem counterintuitive to the purpose but these are actually a practical way to summertime solution. Blinds will blind the entire sunlight that may bother you. Whether you go for traditional blinds or shades, reducing the amount of sunlight is the key. The blinds deflect the heat back outside, making the sunroom cool and worthy of use.  

Blinds also add privacy to your space, giving you an added advantage. 

Ceiling Fan to Seal the Coolness 

Ceiling Fan to Seal the Coolness in sunroom

To avoid suffocation, it is important to keep the air circulating in your sunroom. If you get a ceiling fan installed, use it in combination with blinds. It will keep the air moving within the sunroom and also keep it locked. Sunrooms that lack this essential addition will benefit greatly from the portable fans. These fans will help in blowing the air upwards and out of the vents. These will help in creating natural circulation.   

Insulate the Sunroom Windows 

Insulate the Sunroom Windows

Insulated windows will also Keep the sunroom cool in summer and warm in winter. You can even have your windowpanes tinted for extra protection from the heat of the sun. The only downside is that you will block the sunlight entirely- probably the only reason you get a sunroom installed in the first place. 

Get A Zoned System 

Get A Zoned System in sunroom

Having a ductless mini-split installed in your sunroom is a great option if you are not looking forward to extending the existing HVAC system. This system is cost-effective and it allows you to set your sunroom’s temperature different from the temperature of your home. It will give you more control and also allow you to save energy when the sunroom is not in use.   

Contact StrongBuild Sunrooms and get one installed at your place, in case you do not have any. Our experts will ensure that your home is comfortable irrespective of the season. 

Sunrooms help in expanding the living space in your home as these extend towards the outdoors.  

The sunrooms can provide a space that is free of bugs and other pests. So, you can enjoy the summer sun in peace. Needless to say, sunrooms protect you from any wind, rain, or harsh weather conditions.   

Moreover, these provide beautiful vistas around your property.  

Sunrooms are designed to be used in the summer when the sun is the brightest and the weather is warm. But as already said above, now, sunrooms can be used throughout the year.  

Insulating a sunroom can become a bit of a task. But do not worry, keep reading to know how to insulate a sunroom.  

Insulating A Sunroom 

Insulating A Sunroom 

We have already described ways to keep your sunroom cool. Now, let us see how to insulate the sunrooms and maintain a comfortable temperature.  

Sunroom insulation creates a barrier between you and the air temperature outside. 

The energy efficiency of the house is affected by the quality of the insulation in the walls and also by the size and efficiency of the windows.  

If your sunroom was built without insulation, especially if it was constructed as an open porch for summer, your sunroom will not have an easy temperature.   

A sunroom usually has a solid wall space. So, you get a little opportunity to insulate it in a traditional way.  

Using solid insulation in the walls like fiberglass or foam with a good R-value is always a good idea. But that may not do the job right for you.  

Remember not to neglect the floor when insulating the sunroom. A lot of energy can escape through the floor and the floor will provide a solid surface wherein you can hide good insulating material.  

Steps to Insulate the Floor of Your Sunroom: 

  • Install a vapor barrier. It will keep the moisture and condensation off your insulation.  
  • Seal up the underside of your sunroom floor from the outside. You can use some wire mesh to contain the insulation.  
  • Use quality insulation material. Check the R-value to ensure you are getting enough insulating value. 
  • Fill the spaces between your floor joists with insulation. Do not pack the insulation tight between the joists. Insulation should trap the air in it to work it right. If you pack the insulation too densely, it might not work.
  • Wear gloves and a mask when working with fiber insulation.
  • Use plywood to cover the insulation. The plywood will help in insulating the place and will also provide an extra layer of protection against the outside elements.  

Steps to Insulate the Floor of Your Sunroom

Once the floor of your sunroom is insulated, turn your attention to the walls of the sunroom. You may not have much space in your sunroom but it should be insulated properly to maintain a comfortable living temperature. Treat each section of the sunroom at a time. In case you are wondering, you do not have a sunroom, then it is advised to get it installed because these are actually worthy of the investment 

Contact StrongBuild sunroom builders and let the work get started.  

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