Types of Patio Covers and Their Uses

Types of Patio Covers and Their Uses

Patio covers or decks are great outdoor space extensions. These allow you to enjoy the natural landscape of your home while maintaining a sense of privacy. For many homeowners, patios are an essential part of the home and should be integrated into the design and architecture of the property.  

Some homeowners build patio covers as an extension of their home while others might believe it to be in a standalone outdoor space. If you want a roof to cover the outdoor space then nothing can be better than a patio or a deck. Get one installed at your place, for that, contact Strong Build Sunrooms. 

Our team of experts will tell you about the types of patio covers and will also guide you right. StrongBuild Sunrooms offer different types of patio covers such as aluminium patio covers, polycarbonate patio covers, glass patio covers, insulated patio covers, corrugated, and aluminium patio covers. You can make a call and find out which ones will be the best suited for you. 

Now, let us see other types of patios:  

Patio Covers Based on Materials  

Wooden Patio Covers 

As the name itself suggests, these patio covers are made of wood. If you want to invest in something simple and elegant, then wooden patio covers will make the best choice. Wood has been used as a construction material for ages and is known for its colors and patterns. Even today wood is widely used to make a number of items and patio covers are one of them. Wooden patios are still popular around the globe. If your home has a roof made of wood, then it would be best to go for a wooden patio as it will blend in with the design and pattern. However, before finalizing, make sure you understand its maintenance and other requirements.   

Benefits of Wooden Patio Covers  


A wooden patio cover with the colour of your choice can give your place a vintage look. It will immediately enhance the look of your entire home. You can even install a flat-top cover or the cover that matches the roofline for a more sophisticated appearance. A wooden cover will give a warm and cozy feeling to your patio or deck.  

Protection and Durability  

Needless to say, wooden patio covers protect because that is obvious for all types of patio covers or decks. Comparing one material with another is not the right approach because each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the wooden patio will also be able to withstand storms quite well. It will allow you to hang potted plants and even a ceiling fan to make the space more comfortable in the scorching summer heat.   

Enhances the Real Estate Value 

It will add overall value to your property so when you think of selling, you will be able to do that at a competitive market price.  

Aluminum Patio Covers 

aluminum patio

These patio covers are the most durable, lightweight, and flexible. Among all the metal covers, aluminium is considered to be the ideal choice. Aluminium patio covers are low-maintenance and long-lasting in comparison with others. Along with this, the aluminum patio covers come in a number of different colours, styles, and designs. The best part is these can be customized. Any type of faux finish on the aluminium covers can be applied and you can adopt any style and look of your choice. Aluminium is high water and weather resistance – it means it can withstand harsh weather, rain, and dampness without any wear and tear. 

Benefits of Aluminium Patio Covers  

  • Resistant to all weather conditions- Aluminium is particularly sturdy in nature. So, it is capable of handling even the toughest weather conditions.  Aluminium patio covers can handle even heavy torrents with ease.    
  • Cleaning is easy- Washing and cleaning is a piece of cake. Just four steps and you are done! The steps are:  

1. Add any detergent to a bucket of lukewarm water. 

2. Clean it using a soft sponge or microfiber cloth. Let them soak a bit. 

3. Rinse the patio with cold water and let it dry.  

4. All dry? Use the protector and make them extra weatherproof. 

Just do the above four steps and your patio will be clean and ready.  

Your Aluminium Patio Cover, Your Style! 

Aluminium is one such material that allows endless variations, both in terms of color and design. Strong-Build Sunrooms offer aluminum patios to make your place look more attractive.  

Acrylic /Vinyl Patio Covers 

These patio covers are also available in a variety of colours and finishes. These covers are made of plastic and can also withstand harsh weather conditions. These covers require low maintenance, are easy to clean, and are resistant to damage. However, if you do not apply polish or paint, vinyl can get discolored under high exposure to UV rays. 

If you are looking for a patio cover to give shade to your driveway and to protect your vehicles from the scorching heat of the Sun, the acrylic patio covers can prove to be the best. Also, it is the type of investment that will reduce your vehicle’s insurance.   

Benefits of Acrylic /Vinyl Patio Covers 

  • Energy savings and superior heat control. 
  • Filters harmful UV rays without blocking the natural light. 
  • High light transmission. 
  • Equal light distribution.
  • Proven protection from hail.
  • Patented condensate control.
  • Heaviest and most rigid panels.
  • Non-shattering safety glazing. 

Patio Covers Based on Styles  

Solid Patio Cover 

If you want a covered patio cover for winter or if you live in an area that receives heavy rainfall or snowfall, then a solid patio cover will be the safest choice. It will completely cover the deck or the patio and will also protect you from the harsh weather. 

Latticed Covers 

These are the partial covers for your patios or decks. These come in different sizes and shapes. In this, different lattices are combined together to form a pattern that is elegant and appealing.  


This is the third type of style in patio covers. These are made up of wooden or metallic beams which extend from the supporting walls or columns. As the light falls, pergolas create an intimate environment with some interesting shade. For any queries, contact Strong Build Sunrooms. The experts at Strong Build are here to help you with any doubt and assist you throughout the process.  


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