Types of Foundations You Must Have for Sunrooms

Types of Foundations You Must Have for Sunrooms

All good relationships are built on concrete foundations and it holds true for sunrooms as well. Based on different factors like size, material, and methods, sunrooms are installed on three basic foundations such as:   

  • Preexisting Deck 
  • A Poured Concrete Slab 
  • A Crawl Space 

Each one of the above provides unique advantages. However, there are some structural limitations and budgetary drawbacks as well that the homeowners must keep in mind when planning to get an addition in the home.  

Now, let us understand each type of foundation in detail. Preexisting Deck 

This foundation might seem like a logical location to build a sunroom because it is already a part of your home’s outdoor living area. This place is usually a place where family and friends come together to dine and wine, entertain, or just hang out. So, looking at these adventures, it is not hard to imagine adding an enclosure or an addition that takes your fun to the next level.  

At the same time, it is worth noticing that all the decks are not capable of supporting the added weight of a sunroom. For this, you must get a thorough inspection done. For that contact Sunroom experts at Strong Build Sunrooms, in Vancouver.  

As per the Sunroom experts, additional support points such as joists and piers can be added to strengthen the foundation. A stick-build sunroom might be heavy for a deck, no matter how you reinforce it. However, there is an option the homeowners can easily choose and that is purchasing a prefabricated sunroom. These sunrooms are made from lightweight materials which make the addition quite feasible.  

Concrete Slab 

Concrete Slab 

If you get to know that your sunroom is simply too weighty for a deck, a concrete slab foundation can be a suitable alternative. Concrete is comparatively less expensive and can also withstand temperate extremes.  Moreover, it is insect resistant, and resistant to rotting. Concrete also has some disadvantages though. First of all, this option is only possible if your sunroom is at grade level with the rest of your home space. Second of all, everything from heating, electricity, and plumbing will be installed before any construction takes place. Once the concrete is poured and it gets hardened, making changes in the foundation will be nearly impossible because everything is set in the stone. Last of all, the concrete foundations can become quite cold during winter. Even by placing rugs, your sunroom floor may be too frigid for bare feet during the cold days.  

Crawl Space 

Crawl Space 

This is one of the most common sunroom foundations. This foundation is considered the most expensive because of the benefits it provides like:  

  • It provides room for insulation, wiring, plumbing, and ductwork. All this can be accessed later, if you need it.  
  • Just because crawl space foundations are properly insulated, your sunroom floor will be warmer and the whole space will be more energy efficient.  
  • This foundation also allows you to create a seamless transition from the rest of the house.  

Irrespective of the foundation you choose, Strong Build Sunrooms in Vancouver is the place that provides excellent sunroom, patio covers, and other services. To know what we can do to make your home look more appealing and attractive, contact us now.  

Here’s one question that we need to answer: 

Is it more expensive to build up or out when adding a sunroom into your home space? Or does it even add any value? We have already discussed that in this blog.   

While the cases vary and building a sunroom can be more expensive because it requires full construction from scratch.  

The majority of horizontal sunroom additions will require some type of quality foundation as well. This will not only carry the weight of your innovative home design, but will also keep moisture away. Besides, it will give protection from harsh weather, insulation and also resist the movement of the surrounding soil. However, to get the best results, make sure your foundation is well-planned and constructed to guarantee a structurally sound and sturdy installation.   

Types of Foundations Available  

There are several other options as well 

The Post and Beam Foundation 

This is the most affordable foundation. This is the most suitable for sunrooms, screened porches, and living room additions.
The post and beam system is just similar to the support system you would utilize for a deck. It uses concrete which acts as footings for the posts that holds up a structure, and allows air to pass underneath. When it is designed correctly, this option can be beneficial because it provides protection from flooding as well as moisture.  

The Cinder Block Foundation 

This is also known as a poured concrete foundation. This foundation is one of the most popular foundations among others. In this system, the footings are placed below the frost line, which leaves a crawlspace between the floor frame and the ground.  

While post and beam foundations are tailored as per the screened room, the cinder block foundations are suitable for many different types of home additions designs, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and even bedroom additions.   

If the cinder block foundation is designed properly, it keeps out the excess moisture and prevents mold and mildew. This can also create extra storage space or a location to house a heating unit.
The Full Basement 

Out of all, this is the most expensive type of foundation. It requires a lot of labor and materials. Even with an unfinished basement remodel, your builders will excavate dirt down to the level of your home. This is done by removing underground gas lines, water supply lines, oil tanks and if there are any other obstacles. After all this, the construction team will place footings beneath the frost line and will put concrete slab down for a new sunroom floor. The design builders might also have to break through your home’s current foundation to build a solid sunroom basement.   

With the basement foundation, you are able to create a large space which can be converted into a gym, entertainment space, or any other usable room which can significantly boost the price of your home, especially when it comes to selling. Sunrooms are really worthy of investment as these help in maximizing ROI on the investment property.  

To know which type of foundation would be the best for you for your beautiful home addition, ask the sunroom builder. Contact Strong Build Sunrooms in Vancouver and let the work get started. Our professionals will guide you throughout the process and will help you in making the best choice. So, what are you waiting for? Drop us a call now. We are here to serve you. 

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