Things to Consider Before Installing a Sunroom

Things to Consider Before Installing a Sunroom

It is not surprising that so many homeowners take advantage of the Sun with sunroom installed in their homes. Sunrooms offer added beauty, function, and energy efficiency. However, it is not a small home improvement project but the one that you want to think about clearly before making a call to a sunroom builder.  

You should have a clear picture of how you want to use the sunroom. Also, you must see how much sunlight you will get from it. If you are sure about your options, our experts at StrongBuild Sunroom contractors in Canada will be happy to discuss what we can offer for your sunroom installation. Having said that, here are a few things that you must consider before making such an investment.   


The first thing you would want to ask yourself is the reason you want to install a new sunroom. Of course, it will be a beautiful addition to your home, but how do you even plan to use it? It will be an added seating area where you can entertain or simply enjoy a glass of wine on a fine day? Or you can also use it as a guest room, a garden or even a playroom. Irrespective of how you want to use your sunroom, each will require different features based on the requirements. 

For example, a guest room may need more privacy, so curtains or shades can be pulled over the windows when the guest needs privacy or you can even leave them open. If you want to use the sunroom as a kids’ playroom, you would want it to be more spacious.   


This is another thing that you must consider when getting it installed. Ideally, it is the most picturesque outdoor view that surrounds your home. If that is true, you will likely want the best windows possible. Floor to the ceiling vinyl window sunrooms can help you get the most of your view, and let in the maximum sunlight. The view from your sunroom will also allow you to watch kids while they play outside, while enjoying some space for yourself. On the other hand, it might also face a view that inspires you to pursue an artistic or craft project, and for that, your sunroom can be a perfect place. 


Through sunroom, you can combine your indoor and outdoor space, but with that often comes the outdoor temperatures. Unless you have a sunroom built specifically for your climate type. Your sunroom should be built to accommodate the climate of the place. This is the reason vinyl is one of the popular options for sunrooms. Also, because of its durability and thermal performance, sunrooms allow the room to stay comfortable even when it is hot outside. You may even consider a 3-season sunroom with glazed glass windows or even an all-season insulated sunroom.  

If you have never had a sunroom installed in the past — and even if you have — it will help you in hiring experts like Strongbuild, sunroom contractors in Canada.  

At StrongBuild, we are happy to walk you through any part of the sunroom process when you contact us for a free quote. 

Other Name for Sunroom 

There is a reason that sunrooms are also called Florida rooms. These open, airy spaces offer a perfect way to enjoy the sunny warmth this state is famous for without even leaving the house. If you have been considering adding a sunroom into your home, here are a few things you would want to consider as you plan your new space. 


Envision the use of your sunroom. Will it be a playroom for the kids or a breakfast nook perfect to enjoy the sunrise? Will it be a place to roll out a yoga mat or read a book? you will use your new sunroom to entertain? By identifying your vision for your sunroom, you will be able to define space. 


Think about how big your new room will be. How much outdoor space are you willing to give up for the sunroom and how much indoor space will you need in order to be able to use your sunroom the way you want to? Building a sunroom is normally less expensive than a traditional room addition, so you will be able to get more space for your money. Building a sunroom is a fantastic way to add value to your home. 

External Placement

A sunroom is meant to be a transitional space that allows the light and the warmth to get in. That means you would want to pick a sunny spot with a pleasant view that you will be happy to see. Afterall, why stare at the wall of your garage or your neighbor’s fence when you can enjoy watching birds in your landscaping or have fun in the pool. Do not forget to consider your privacy as well. If you have an existing porch or a patio that is ideally placed, you can convert a patio enclosure into sunroom. Alternatively, you can also start from the beginning. 

Internal Access – Ask the Sunroom Contractor!

Which room will you walk through when you step out onto your sunroom? When you are considering the place to put your new sunroom, consider its placement with regards to the rooms in your home. If it is meant to be a private space, you might also want to access it from your bedroom. If you are planning to use it for entertainment, it would be better to access the sunroom from the living room or any other public room of your home. What if you plan to dine out there daily? In that case, you would probably want the door to the sunroom to be in proximity to the kitchen. 


What materials would you want for your sunroom addition at home?  

  • Wood offers a striking look but needs regular maintenance. 
  • Vinyl and aluminum are easy to maintain and care for. 
  • Windows and doors can be made from glass, vinyl and even acrylic. 
  • Screens can be made to withstand pets or even offer extra privacy. 
  • Sunroom roof materials include aluminum roof panels or traditional roof materials to match the rest of your place. 

The experts at the StrongBuild Sunrooms know exactly which material will be the best suited to your place.   

StrongBuild, the best Sunroom Contractors in Vancouver, has been building sunrooms for customers for over years now. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through the decision to add a sunroom to your home. Our goal is to build a sunroom that is sturdy, fits your environment, has great aesthetics and stays the same for decades. We use quality products, top-notch construction methods. Our expert knowledge to ensure that your sunroom will stand the test of time. So Contact today us and let us get the work started. 

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