Sunroom Enclosures

The Ultimate Guide to Sunroom Enclosures

 Have you ever dreamt of having an extra comfortable living area that not only gives a wide view of your beautiful outdoor garden but also acts as a relaxation and entertainment space? 

If yes, then you might be very close to fulfilling your desire. In this guide, we will explain to you all that you would need in order to achieve such space in the house by getting a sunroom.  

It is simple as you will only have to use your creativity to come up with different themes and designs. So, the question here is 

What is a Sunroom Enclosure? 

what is Sunroom Enclosure

A sunroom is defined as a structure that has clear windows attached to the house just with the aim of providing extra space. Such a structure is designed to offer a wide view of the surrounding scenery. For example, you can view the home garden without experiencing the effects of the changing weather.   

Why is it so? 

First of all, you are free to introduce heating equipment in the sunroom enclosure itself. This is done to create a comfortable living space especially during the cold weather.   

Second of all, this structure can be custom made to filter out the harmful UV rays from accessing the sunroom enclosure.  

You might be wondering how all this is brought forward. Don’t worry, we will explain all this in detail as we proceed. This is not all.  

There are so many ideas that can greatly transform the overall feel, and the touch of the entire sunroom.        

Sunroom enclosures are not only used for houses but can also be used for swimming pools. This is because a sunroom enclosure brings so many benefits.  

Reason You Need Sunroom Enclosure for Pools 

Sunroom Enclosure for Pools

A sunroom enclosure comes in handy on various occasions and is without any doubt considered one of the best options in case you are looking forward to creating extra space for living. 

Pool for All Year Round 

Won’t you find it really amazing if you are able to enjoy your swimming pool for a long time? 

If you have been dreaming of this, then a sunroom enclosure would be an ideal choice.  

Here’s why? 

A screen sunroom enclosure will provide you shelter. It will protect you from the harsh weather conditions which are experienced throughout the year – whether it is summer or it is winter. Not just this, a sunroom enclosure will also give room for customization just in case you wish to get an additional heating system on cold days.  

Reduces Water Evaporation  

A sunroom enclosure creates a barrier which does not allow evaporated water to escape into the atmosphere. If you are dreaming of something like this, then a sunroom enclosure will be an ideal option to fulfill your dreams.  

Adds Value to the Property 

A sunroom enclosure surely becomes an asset to your property. It also shoots up the general value of the property and provides a good chance of getting prospective buyers easily.  

Increases the Safety of Pool 

It is important to consider the safety of the pool, especially if you have kids at your place.  

For the safety of kids, you would need a sunroom enclosure.  

The enclosure helps in locking the mechanism that otherwise might not be very easy to achieve.  

Make sure you position the lock at least 1.5 meters above the pool deck. By doing this, you will be able to prevent kids from gaining access to the swimming pool without having any guardian. This will also limit the occurrence of accidents.  

Creates a Unique Outdoor Space 

Creates a Unique Outdoor Space of sunroom

There is nothing to deny about this. Having an extra space outside your house that gives you the freedom to interact with the outside environment while enjoying the indoor elements is something to genuinely feel good about.  

For example, if you have a pool by a sunroom, you can enjoy pool activities anytime you want. In addition, you will also be able to relax beside the swimming pool after a long tiresome day. Seems comfy right! 

To add to the comfort, a sunroom will also give you a clear and a better view of your surroundings. It will also make you feel relaxed and comfortable.  

Saves On Heating Costs 

Sunroom enclosure will also minimize the expenditure on heating pools. This is especially brought out by transparent design that allows solar energy into an enclosure. It not only heats the enclosure but also the swimming pool.  

Sunroom Enclosure Vs. Pool Enclosure Accessories 

Apart from the sunroom enclosure, there are different types of enclosures that relate to it in some way or the other. Some of the custom sunroom enclosures also include hot tub enclosures and retractable enclosures. Let us understand the difference between the both;     

Sunroom Enclosure Vs. Hot Tub Enclosure 

Sunroom Enclosure for Pools

First of all, let us start with the hot tub enclosure. It simply refers to a self-contained vessel which are filled with hot aerated water and are used for relaxation in general.   

It is called self-contained because it has an electrical control system as well as plumbing components.   

So, a hot tub enclosure also means to cover that surrounds the hot tub in order to provide additional security and general protection from the outside weather conditions.   

Main Parts of a Sunroom Enclosure 

Just like any other structure, a sunroom enclosure also has multiple parts and components such as;  



Any sunroom enclosure would require a frame to provide the main support. There are two main materials that can be used to construct sunroom enclosures such as wood and aluminum.   


If you want to stay within the budget, then wooden sunroom enclosure would be the best option. Not only is this affordable but also provides a natural feel indoors. However, wood also has its downside. Wood is prone to consumption by termites which can damage the sunroom enclosure.   

This shouldn’t limit you to using just wood. What you must perform is a simple treatment on the wood. This treatment involves using preventive borate treatment. It can also be a water-soluble chemical that works by poisoning termites whenever they consume the wood.  

After the treatment, the wood is coated for the purpose of sealing. Damage caused by the termites is the only drawback of the wood.  

Extruded Aluminum 

Extruded Aluminum sunroom

It is a strong metal, hence preferred by many. It is also durable due to unique chemical properties that it possesses. It is not enough, aluminum is also resistant to corrosion and rust, therefore it is ideal for using in any sort of environment.   

Not only is aluminum nontoxic but also recyclable without losing any properties.  


When giving it the finishing of your framework, you can also powder coat the structure or can even paint it. Some frames are also designed to be scratch-resistant. 

Powder Coat 

You can also finish by using a powder coating on either wood or aluminum. Let us see what is powder coating – it refers to the application of a dry powder electrostatically on the wood or metal.  

Thereafter, heat it in a manner that a coat is formed. This method has not only reduced the environmental impact but has also minimized the wastage of resources. Powder coating does not need less time to dry up as compared to other liquid coatings.     

The drawback is that by using such a finish, you would require a much higher amount of capital to begin with.  

These are some of the suggestions you can follow in order to get a sunroom enclosure. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Strong Build Sunrooms is here to help. 

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