Styles 3 Season Rooms vs 4 Season Rooms

Sunroom Styles: 3 Season Rooms vs. 4 Season Rooms

The pinnacle of a luxurious living area is a sunroom.  For homeowners, the abundance of natural light and the modern aesthetic are a home run. You are going to adore your new sunroom, but before you start remodeling, you need to decide whether you want a three- or four-season space.  Whatever decision you make, or you want any help to make an informed decision contact Strong Build, sunroom builder in Vancouver. Our experts will provide options as per convenience. 

A 4-season room is ideal for year-round enjoyment, while a 3-season room you can use during the three seasons of spring, summer and autumn. In this blog, you are going to find out more about the two’s differences, costs, and which one is better for your renovation.  

Compare The Two Types of Sunrooms

Two Types of Sunrooms

Although they appear identical from the outside, how they are constructed determines when and how long you can enjoy them. Because both 3 season and 4 season rooms are fantastic, Choice Home Remodeling constructs both types. Which is better for your needs and budget, not which is better overall, is what matters.   

The two types of sunrooms differ primarily in the following ways. 

  • To keep these sunrooms, cool in the summer and warm in the winter, 4 season rooms are constructed with structurally insulated glass.   
  • A climate control or HVAC system is frequently included in the construction of four-season rooms.   
  • In general, the glass used in 4 season rooms’ windows performs better at controlling internal temperatures.    

Whichever type of sunroom you select, you will benefit from these main similarities:  

  • The screened-in porch is not sealed to the outside, whereas both expansions are.    
  • Both varieties of sunrooms have walls and windows made entirely of vinyl.    
  • Choice builds 3 season and 4 season rooms that are styled to go with your home.  

Cost Comparison for 3 and 4 Seasons Sunroom  

The cost of a three-season room is the primary factor in homeowners’ decisions. Simply put, they see no need to pay more for the space since they anticipate using it less in the winter.   

So how do the rates for 3 season and 4 season rooms compare?   

4 season sunroom designs cost nearly twice as much as a 3-season room of same size. Better window glass, more insulation, and the HVAC system are all taken into consideration by this price difference.   

This is merely a ballpark estimate, as is the case with all pricing-related matters. We advise setting up a free in-home consultation to learn how much your sunroom makeover will cost.  

Benefits of Installing the Three Season Sunroom  

 Expands the Area of Your Home

Area of Your Home

The expansion of your living area that a three-season room provides is one of the most obvious advantages. Homeowners frequently utilize the addition as a gathering place because three-season rooms are spacious, sociable areas with lots of natural light.  

Being in close proximity to nature and natural light has been shown to elevate mood. You can stroll from your living room to a neat, enclosed place that is yet surrounded by the surrounding natural environment by adding a three-season room. The uses for this space are countless. Give small children a secure area to play in the sun or to relax on a loveseat and watch the sun go down.  A three-season room can be the ideal addition to your living area if you are trying to extend your home without spending money on extensive structural modifications.  

Adds Protection  

More protection over your indoor/outdoor space is a benefit of converting your patio or yard into a three-season room. In your enclosed environment, you may appreciate nature without trouble because of bugs or shifting weather.    

While basking in the splendor of nature while being completely exposed to the elements, you run the risk of getting sunburned, bitten by mosquitoes, or even getting wet. You may enjoy the luxury of being outside without having to deal with the elements inside a three-season room.    

The main difference between enclosed patios and three-season rooms is the screens used to line them. Enclosed patios use mesh screens, while three-season rooms use clear or tinted vinyl panels. This allows three-season rooms for enjoying much more diverse climates than patio enclosures because they can better protect the interior from rainfall and debris.   

These enclosed spaces will safeguard not only you and your visitors but also your furniture. When furniture is exposed to the elements, it frequently rusts, ages, or breaks. But you do not have to worry about that happening here.    

When constructing your three-season room, you have a choice of panels, such as clear vinyl or shades that block UV rays or outside air particles. If you want to enjoy springtime blooms but suffer from pollen allergies or want to soak up the sun without a burn, this design is the ideal solution.    

Does not Break the Bank   

Even though it might seem like adding a more robust patio enclosure would be more expensive, three-season rooms can actually be very affordable.    

Building three-season rooms requires extremely little labor because they do not need foundation, insulation, plumbing, or heating systems.  

There are possibilities for three-season room kits on the market if you want to entirely reduce your labor budget. With the help of these kits, you can build a three-season room on a tight budget.  

Keep in mind that there are a few challenges involved in DIY when building a three-season room. A three-season room kit gives you a lot more leeway during building. If you are not experienced with heavy crafting, you can end up spending more money trying to fix the errors you made initially. Hiring a service to construct your three-season room ensures that there will be a prompt and accurate completion of everything.
The process of selecting the materials for your three-season room will cost the most money. Porch screens and glass panels come in a range of prices and can affect the use of your space. Additionally, you can decide to completely carpet your three-season room and add any elaborate ornamentation.  If you like, you can transform standard patio covers or deck covers into three-season sunrooms. This is a great technique to improve the current aspect of your house.  

4 Season Sunroom Benefits  


A sunroom’s adaptability is what gives it its beauty. This area can be used for a variety of things:   

  • While being shielded from the weather, unwind and enjoy the scenery.   
  • Make use of the area as a retreat for introspection and meditation.   
  • Relax with a good book and a cup of tea or coffee.   
  • Create a workspace where you can benefit from natural light at home.   
  • Gather your loved ones and friends to host events.   
  • Make a green area with trees, birds, and perhaps even fishponds.  

Curb Your Electricity Bill  

Electricity Bill

You will consume less electricity if you have a sunroom because the area will have enough sunlight for hours on end. You may use a lot less artificial lighting if you and your family use your sunroom as a place to undertake indoor activities. Additionally, you will be helping to build a house that is more environmentally friendly.   

Enjoy Sunlight Exposure’s Health Benefits   

People frequently do not spend enough time outside to benefit from the sun. While excessive sun exposure can be dangerous, getting enough sun is crucial for good health. According to studies, being in the sun causes the brain to release more serotonin. Serotonin improves mood and makes one happier. So, unwind in your sunroom while absorbing some mood-enhancing sunlight!   

Which is the Right Option For you?  

Both sunroom types are great, as we have already stated, so we install both. There is no right or wrong answer — only what’s right for your house and your budget. So, get your sunroom installation right away by installing Strong Build Sunroom. Strong Build is one of the best sunroom builders in Vancouver and provides services as per customers’ requirements.  

In general, if homeowners are unsure, we advise choosing the 4-season room because it’s better to have options you don’t utilize than not having them at all. However, there are a few situations where we advise choosing the simplified 3 season room. First off, you will not need the extra comfort of a four-season room if you have a winter home and won’t spend much time in Pennsylvania during the winter. When it comes to finances, we also advise going with the three-season room. It is always worthwhile to build it properly, even if you can only afford a high-end 3 season room or a 4-season room of dubious quality.   

Select Home Modification to Install All Sunroom Styles  

The first stage is a consultation with Choice Home Remodeling, regardless of whether you know the style of sunroom you intend to install or are still debating your options.   

Strong Build Sunroom Builders in Vancouver, specialists in sunroom design can walk you through all of your options, show you TONNES of different possibilities, and even provide you with a FREE quote. Contact us right now to start the conversation and set up your in-home appointment. 

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