Sunroom Addition for Summers A Permanent Vacation Spot

Sunroom Addition for Summers: A Permanent Vacation Spot!

Hot summer days are here! Outside, the mercury flirts with high degrees. Schools are off, and this is the perfect time to hold get-togethers. Living in the home, experiencing wide views and nature up close is a dream of many. When the scorching sun rises, the heat becomes unbearable, and here StrongBuild sunroom additions got you covered.  

Are you thinking to plan gatherings at your place? Why not get a permanent vacation spot where you can invite your guests whenever you feel like it?   

outside room

The covered patio is the favorite garden room of the Canadian residents and offers a generous view of the surrounding meadows and the nearby forest.  

Sunrooms are just like moms. As she is enough to fulfill all your needs and one, you can’t live without. Similarly, our sunrooms are highly versatile and there to protect you in every season. Once installed, you won’t want to live without our highly functional sunroom.  

To be able to enjoy the outdoor even longer, glass walls have been placed around the roof. This means that the sheltered room can be used all year round, and you will not be bothered by the sun or wind. The fully transparent glass panels ensure that the view is not obstructed and that sufficient daylight can enter the house. If it is not too hot, the glass windows can be completely opened in no time at all.   

Sunroom Summer celebrating vacation spot

Our sunrooms let you enjoy the whole summer celebrating as your favorite vacation spot. You might be thinking “sunroom in summers???”, yes! Our sunroom additions keep you cool from burning sun with its double-glazed glass. So, just let the pleasurable sunlight in and rain out.

highly functional sunroom

We can understand that events and gatherings are just around the corner, and you want a space to hold family and friends gathering. Our fully customized sunrooms will make you feel like being on vacation. It gives you a chance to create a new enjoyable space at your home.  

One of the greatest characteristics of our sunrooms is natural light. You receive sufficient daylight and don’t have to switch on lights that use too much electricity. Open the windows and feel the fresh air anytime. Thus, you will save a lot of energy and so save on bills. Just sit with your glass of drink and have a chit-chat session with guests to enjoy the summers at the fullest.  

What’s more? It serves as a home office too! After the Covid-19 crisis, huge number of people had adopted to work from home. Thus, work without distractions under natural light and surrounded by outdoor ambiance is another positive point. Keep your desk towards the window, decorate it with a plant, and you are ready for your zoom call. Apart from this, there are a lot more benefits of a sunroom addition.

benefits of a sunroom

Have your friends and guests enjoy in your sunroom, do some craft, cook food, and let kids have a playroom! Anyhow, the possibilities with StrongBuild Sunroom additions are countless. Icing on the cake – our summer sale is on. So just get your free quote now.

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