StrongBuild Summer Sale is ON Grab Before Its Gone

StrongBuild Summer Sale is ON – Grab Before It’s Gone

Is your home ready for this summer? The time is again here when you want to spend relaxing time on long hot days, isn’t it? Perhaps you dream of having extra space in your home. But you are not waiting for a large-scale renovation. We understand your budget problems!  

Here, an outdoor shade solution is multifunctional. The result is phenomenal: you sit in the middle of your garden, with a view of the surroundings. Even when the sun shines or rain comes pouring down from the sky, you are comfortable here. An outdoor house extension is truly an oasis.  

A Perfect Sunroom Solution   

A sunroom is a fully-fledged room. At least, if it’s up to us. The dedicated place in your home to relax. But also, the place to work, study, read, hobby & barbecue. The place where you now sit outside and later inside. A sunroom should not only have a beautiful appearance, but it should also be comfortable. It must be a space where you can be yourself.  

A Perfect Sunroom Solution

Once you have an outdoor room, you simply don’t want to go without it. You don’t want to miss the small but golden moments anymore. Relax on the terrace, rain or shine. That’s the feeling you get from StrongBuild sunroom. An outdoor room like this helps better than moving.  

Does it look out of your budget? No, it’s not. StrongBuild Sunrooms are now cheaper than you think. Our amazing summer entry deal offers a flat $850 OFF on Sunrooms in Vancouver. Choose any kind of sunroom style and material and enjoy a fixed discount on our product.  

Discount on Patio Covers That You Always Wanted

You don’t need a lot of space to relax in the great outdoors. Take a seat on the terrace in your garden, sit back, and forget the world around you. Wonderful! But what if the sun gets hot or the sky gets cloudy? With a patio cover in Vancouver, you don’t have to worry about that. You are always dry, sheltered from the bright sun and precipitation.

Discount on Patio Covers That You Always Wanted


In addition to your home, the seasons are also extended in optimal comfort—season after season, year in, year out. So, a smart choice. A roof is an investment that adds value to your home. If you opt for the design and quality of StrongBuild, you cash in on that value every day.    

What’s more? We are now giving huge summer sale discounts. Get your patio cover installed with $350 OFF on the overall price.   

The hot sun is approaching, so should your outdoor shade solution! Grab the amazing discount deals before they end!

 amazing discount deals on sunrooms and patio cover

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