Steps That Sunroom Installers Follow

Steps That Sunroom Installers Follow 

Once you decide to add more value to your home and allow more sunlight within your walls, it might get difficult to see what will happen next. But the answer is simple and that is to contact a sunroom installer.  

Hiring a professional sunroom builder will be a good decision because they follow the proper steps to install a sunroom. They do not use any shortcuts and the installation process varies individually, depending on the location of the house and the unique requirements.  

In this blog, we will take you through the steps that sunroom installers follow so that you are confident about hiring a sunroom professional.   

The sunroom professional installers prepare themselves ahead of finally installing a sunroom. There are various factors that they take into consideration before installing the sunroom. This is exactly where the difference lies when getting a sunroom installed through a professional and when using DIY sunroom kits.  

Understanding the installation process is important as it gives you a reason to definitely hire a sunroom installer. 

Here are the steps that sunroom installers follow: 

Prepare You for an Addition 

No professional will force you to get a sunroom installed but the right one will tell you the benefits and prepare you for a good deal cum investment.  

To know or to discuss about getting or not getting a sunroom, contact professional sunroom installers i.e., Sunroom Builders, Canada.  

The first step towards adding a sunroom is deciding the location where you would want your sunroom to be installed. 

The sunroom installers will prepare your house for the final construction. Depending on the location of your house, Strong Build Sunroom experts will gauge the area, guide you right. During this step, the professionals make sure to take the wiring, plumbing and other infrastructure into account before making any major changes.      

Build the Foundation  

Just like the early stages of building a home, the next step would be to lay a foundation. The base of the sunroom should be strong and sturdy. 

The sunroom installers look into the space and accordingly suggest the foundation for sunroom. If there is any existing concrete previously used as a patio or carport, then the installers will let you know if that can be used for sunroom or not.  

The foundation of sunroom is extremely important because if it is not constructed properly, the sunroom will not be structurally sound and your new addition will also not last long.  

During this step, levelling and digging is done to ensure that everything is done safely.  

Framing the Sunroom 

Next in the process is to frame the walls. At Strong Build Sunrooms, we use sturdy frames because those are durable. It means the frames will not warp or rot with time but will provide insulation. As the walls go up, the framing is sealed to prevent any leakage. All these things work together, which also allows you to use your sunroom throughout the seasons.   

Installing Doors and Windows 

Installing Doors and Windows

During the planning and designing stage, the sunroom installer will ask which door or windows you would prefer for your sunroom. You can give your suggestions; therefore, the sunroom builders will go with the same.   

However, you can check about our sunroom services and go by what you think is right.  

StrongBuild Sunrooms use high-performance dual-pane glass. These glasses minimize infrared light and UV rays. With such windows the amount of heat transfers inside and outside of the sunroom.  

Installing an HVAC System 

This is again optional. To make the sunroom comfortable during summers and winters, you might want to add a cooling or a heating system in case your existing home system is not extended.  

With either route, you will feel at ease knowing that the sunroom will be well-insulated and optimized.  

Adding the Final Touches  

The last step is to add the final touch i.e., to complete the construction of the sunroom. In this step, the sunroom installers may add vinyl, aluminium or wood interior frame — all of these come in a variety of colours and finishes just to match the style and design of the rest of the house.  Other final touches like adding fans, fixtures, furniture and decorations are also done by the sunroom builders. With these additions, the sunroom feels more comfortable and ready to use.  

Now that you are aware of the steps of the installation process, you might want to start the journey of adding a sunroom to your home.  

StrongBuild Sunrooms make it easy and stress-free by using the superior quality materials. Also, the sunrooms provide installation to a room that you will love using throughout the year.  

After you have a sunroom, you might even wonder how it felt to have a house without a sunroom. 

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