Sunrooms & Solarium in Vancouver

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Without Any Storms, Drizzles or Bugs, Enjoy The Weather With Our Sunrooms.

Sunrooms play an important role in our day-to-day life. A sunroom or solarium is a room that allows sufficient day natural light and a view of the landscape while protecting you from the adverse weather.    

Adding a sunroom to a house offers a versatile space to entertain guests; use it as the kids’ activity room, or simply enjoy outdoors without letting insects, hot or cold weather bothers you. 

Most interestingly, you can enjoy watching the constellations through the glass roofs.  Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? 

StrongBuild  sunrooms are a revolutionary innovation  in  the construction  industry in Canada.  We make thicker walls and structures that possess great features and sets it apart in  the industry around Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, and Burnaby.  You can enjoy all the seasons in the sunrooms made with double-glazed glass and insulated aluminum roofs. 

Enhance your lifestyle by adding our customized sunrooms! 


StrongBuild  offers high-quality products, better rates, durability,  greater wall thickness to provide extra strength  and additionally, weather resistance. While most buyers purchase  StrongBuild  sunrooms for homes, many customers also choose them for their cottage. 

All our products come with a warranty of a specific period (depending upon the product range).

Sunroom Windows

Selection of sunroom windows is more important than you ever imagine. These glass  windows provide you a  great view of the outside world.  Our sunroom windows are made with double-pane glass that offers more insulation and ensures it lasts longer.

For your privacy, we can use frosted glass as well.

If you want to keep the humidity away, we offer windows with a solid screen. Bugs, flies  or wasps are not entertained in our sunrooms. The screen on the windows provides complete ventilation. Enjoy the outdoors with StrongBuild sunroom and give yourself a better lifestyle and positive energy.

Sunroom With Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors incorporated with a sunroom makes it more convenient and appealing. These doors come in many standard sizes. We can customize  the door shape, size, and style as per your specific requirement if any.

Type of Sunrooms

Room Enclosures

Used for multiple purposes, a room or porch enclosure is a shelter for the outer area that adds to the functionality and design of the outdoors. It could be a lounge area that suits well for the diverse weather, i.e., cold in summers and warm in winters.

strong build is a sunrooms builder company  in vancouver and surrey

Although these room enclosures are often closed, it can be open, if you want an airy environment in summers. One of the major positive points of a porch or room enclosure is that you can add blinds and a ceiling fan to make it work as an indoor room, converting it into a flexible space. StrongBuild is the sunroom contractor in Surrey you can contact for the combination of enclosures as per your need.


Four Season Sunrooms / Solariums 

Four season sunrooms, as the name implies, are useful for the whole year. They are made with powder-coated insulated material and covered with double pane glass, offering breath-taking outdoor views.   

Whether there’s the hot sun or snow outside, you can enjoy every weather with our customized sunrooms. Indeed, they are perfect to choose for your hobby room or entertainment purposes as well.   

Solariums are like a conservatory having lean-to structures. With large windows and a roof, solariums are all-glass sunrooms. They have a modern appearance that makes your Solarium house look more beautiful and appealing. Moreover, they are also commonly termed as sunbeds as these sunrooms receive direct sunlight through the glass roofs.

Spend some quality time with your family or organize a get together without worrying about the space! No matter which type of outdoor Space solution you need, just call StrongBuild Solarium Vancouver and Surrey!

Note: We can customize your sunrooms according to your desire and budget.