Railings & Gates in Vancouver and Surrey

aluminum fencing, gates and glass railings in vancouver

Without any Hassle, Make Your House Safe with Our Superior Quality Gates and Railings.


StrongBuild Railings

Be comfortable while walking on your balcony or deck with our beautifully designed railings. They can be used on stairs, balconies, and ramps. Railing are made from a very wide range of materials that you can choose as per your budget and requirement.   

StrongBuild railings come with amazing patterns, wonderful strength, and unique designs.

What We Offer

We offer fencing, gates and railing made of different materials, including aluminum and glass railings in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond and Burnaby.  Inquire for more options.   

StrongBuild offers all kinds of railings, driveway gates, sidewalk gates, and aluminum privacy fences.

StrongBuild Gates

Our designer and elegant gates are of top quality, giving a rich look to your house. We have various gate options to choose from.  

Make the entrance of your residence more appealing with unique driveway gates. Additionally, we also offer to build sidewalk gates to enhance functionality and attraction. 

StrongBuild Railings and Gates Cost Calculator

Our railing and gate price calculator is designed to be fast and easy. After analyzing and selecting a few options, your price will be quoted. The price depends on the material you select.


If you plan to purchase and install new railings or gates, or need to upgrade them  with a new look, then choose StrongBuild. 

All our products come with a warranty, saving your time and money. 

Attractive Design

StrongBuild Railings come with hundreds of designs and styles to choose from. We make all our railings, gates, and fences with high-quality materials. We customize your orders according to your choice, needs, and specifications.

Our designs  are  flexible.  No job is too small or too big for us.

NOTE: – We are here to customize your gates and railings according to your preference and budget. 

Our Proficient Teamwork

StrongBuild experienced team will provide you high quality craftsmanship on every railing, fence, or gate project. Our experts give attention to every feature of the railing and gate they deliver. We ensure the best service that is always up to the mark. 

Our team performs day and night to maintain the standard of each and every project.

Our functionality, product quality, and reliability allow us to provide the finest work. We ensure full satisfaction of our clients. Just  check our project reference list.

Type of Railings 

Picket Railings 

Picket railings are the most preferred ones for installation as exterior stair railings or at the front of the driveway. We offer picket fences as per the design of the house and also install the attached doors to the patio railings that would fulfil your needs. We made all of our fences with durable composites and ensure strength & rigidity.

These railings come with two choices:

  • Regular Picket Railings
  • Wide Picket Railings 

The picket fences delivered by StrongBuild are designed with slot cuts on the edges that make your home protected as well as look beautiful. The benefit of these railings is that they are very simple to install without requiring so much time, and they need very little maintenance compared to others.

Glass Railings

installing glass railings in vancouver

If you want to give a new look to your deck, then a glass or tempered glass railings should be your first choice. They don’t only make your home look classy but also makes your deck safe and adds a new vibe to it. In addition, you can sit comfortably in your deck while enjoying the breath-taking outdoor views through these railings.   

While installing the glass, we ensure that we are using safe panels edged and polished properly so that no harm befalls on anyone.  

Get glass railings to make your home more elegant and enjoy the views of nature. 

Privacy Railing / Solid Aluminum Fencing

Privacy Aluminum railings are great to opt for as they are inexpensive and give a sophisticated look to your house. These outdoor railings have more extended durability and are of higher quality. There are several advantages of getting aluminum fences that include resistance from corrosion for a long time.  

Moreover, aluminum stair railing or door fences are lightweight, and uses the recycled material. If looking for an affordable option in railings, then privacy railings are the best option.  

Get your railings installed and make your home safe and beautiful! 


Pin Head Panels 

When looking for something that offers natural light along with privacy, the pinhead panels are the most cost-effective option. The diffusion in its texture makes the glass blur that decreases its transparency and makes it a safer option. From all the glass panel options, these are the most popular due to their versatility.   

These glass panels are very trendy and used in entry doors as they offer both the practical and aesthetic advantages. We, at StrongBuild, offer different varieties in obscure and frosted glasses from which you can choose the one you like!

 Contact us to schedule a free consultation today to get a perfect solution!

Type of Gates 

Walkway or Side door Gates

Walkway gates also termed as side door gates, ensure a smooth entrance to your house’s backyard or garden. These are swing gates installed to add curb appeal and give a unique finishing to your home. Considerations in designs and colors are available to choose the one that complements the other features of your home. Additionally, we have ready-made as well as custom options available in side door gates to meet your requirements. 

Driveway Gates

The choice of driveway gate defines the entrance of your home. It’s essential to choose the one that matches the aesthetic look of your property. Modern or traditional, we have different varieties in sizes and styles. We can broadly categorize driveway gates as:

  • Manual gates 

These are the sliding driveway gates that a person opens manually. Manual gates are made with the best material and are the most common type of gates that people choose due to their affordability.

  • Motorized gates  

These are convenient gates that ease the entry and exit of a property. These are the gates having more security as no one could manually open the door. With the advance feature of automatic opening of the gate, these are more functional as compared to manual driveway gates.

Each project is customized designed and professionally installed. We are licensed and insured. we install hundreds of railings and gates for customers throughout Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, New Westminster and Delta.