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StrongBuild patio cover provide outdoor shade solutions and a great way to spend time outside, no matter what the season is.    

Our patio covers provide safety against the rain and extreme sunlight. The entire family can sit outside, appreciating the cool breeze in this delightful and safe shelter. StrongBuild patio covers are a great way to enjoy the weather when you want to sit outside. By adding a deck cover, you can increase your home value as well.

Wonderful Uses of Patio Covers

With StrongBuild patio cover system, you don’t have to worry about going back inside if it starts to rain or if it is too hot.  

There are plenty of things that you can do under the roof. You can convert your patio area into an excellent place for open-air candle-light dinners, barbeques, or even small celebrations. 

Patio Covers in vancouver

Benefits of Patio Cover

StrongBuild aluminum patio covers provide you with many benefits, such as spending more time outside, an abundance of natural light, and creating an entertainment space for your family, kids, and friends to enjoy. It is built to offer complete protection from Canada’s inclement weather and harmful UV rays and thus keeping your house cool in summers.


Make sure to check out the patio cover section from our gallery and scroll through some of the beautiful patio covers that we have installed.

What are  StrongBuild  Patio Covers? 

When it comes to patio covers for your house, there are many good options available with us.  The more you get to know us and our products, the more reasons you will find to choose StrongBuild. Our patio covers come with many advantages and moreover, amazing decorative styles.

We check and verify our products, and of course, they come with a warranty.  Additionally, our patio covers are also environmentally friendly.

We Offer Customized Patio Covers in Vancouver and Near Area

In every house, the porch and backyard are unique, just like everyone’s choices, tastes and needs are different. We always consider your preferences, which is why we provide you with customized patio covers in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby and other surrounding areas. Select the designs of patio roofs as per your home requirements!

Our Materials are Recyclable

Concern and care for nature are important factors that StrongBuild considers. Keeping that in mind, we utilize reusable materials, and the left-overs of production stock are recyclable to produce new products.

Types of Patio Covers

1. Corrugated Aluminum Patio Covers

Corrugated patio cover, also referred to as aluminum awning or sundeck cover, is an inexpensive option to choose. These patio covers are resistant to high winds and thus need very little maintenance. Along with adding style to a house, these roofs are even more functional and saves a house from unwanted weather conditions such as sun, rain, or snow.

2. Glass Patio Covers 

As the name implies, we use high-end glass to build your glass patio covers. You can choose from single glass or tempered safety glass with the various classic and modern roof styles. Our glass roofs come with two color choices, i.e., clear and bronze.

The clear glass patio covers are transparent that allows the refraction of light through it. The patio covers bronze glass are the ones that offer sun protection and don’t let the light refract, adding to its privacy.

3. Polycarbonate Patio Covers 

Polycarbonate patio covers are the most-liked, having high demand. They also come with two color choices i.e. clear and bronze. These patio covers have a lot of benefits such as:

  • They are UV protected and reduces the coming heat by 25% to 30%
  • Offer enough light to remove the darkness 
  • They are very strong yet light in weight 
  • Could also be upgraded into sunroom if required 
  • Polycarbonate patio covers come with a warranty of 15 years, making it a productive option to choose from 
  • When moist air interacts with the surface of patio cover, its multi-layer glass prevents condensation 

4. Insulated Aluminum Patio Covers 

Insulated aluminum patio covers keep your outdoor space cool in hot summers, offering a dedicated entertaining space. These roofing panels come with multiple features, including noise dampening in rain or snowfall, and there is no condensation underneath on the roof.

Important: We also take offers for combined packages of patio covers and railings to give your home a sophisticated and elegant look. 

Styles in Patio Covers


A carport is an open-style structure built in an outdoor space and doesn’t need much maintenance. They are used as a shelter for a car or any other vehicle. There are many styles of carports available that are used in a garage or home which can be assembled easily, commonly categorized as attached or freestanding styles.  

Our carports effectively resist rust and chipping that helps to improve the strength and durability of the structure. They are long-lasting as they have the potential to stay protected from the weather.

At StrongBuild, we offer individual carports as well as packages for RV aluminum awning and cover. 


Want to have a covered patio? Get a freestanding patio cover!  

Freestanding covers are those built in the backyard or front patio without any support of the house. Posts and the roof support them. StrongBuild offers the robust freestanding patio covers made with the best quality products to ensure your full safety. They are perfect to choose for your garden or to cover the hot tubs.

The addition to patio is customizable as per the need of the client and their home. As they balance on their own, there are various styles, height, and sizes available in freestanding roofs.

Gable or Peaked Roofs

Peaked roofs are triangular-shaped roof covers having two sloping sides at the top, making a gable and are also known are A-frame patio covers. These roofs have simpler designs and look more appealing. Moreover, it is easy to shed snow, dust, or water from gable roofs. In most Colonial-style homes, you’ll see gable roofs placed at the front of the house.

At StrongBuild, we offer the best custom patio covers in Vancouver with a gable roof that suits your lifestyle. Gable or peaked roof covers can be attached to the house or freestanding, so select the one according to your taste and need. The main benefit of these custom design patio covers is that they are spacious, airy, and never out of style.