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best home office setup in surrey

How does your current home office look like? A corner shelf in your room or on a tea table? Are your cabinets turned into drawers to keep office stock?

Home offices are becoming an integral part of employment, especially after the Covid-19 crisis started. Whether you are working from home or thinking to start work, a proper home office is essential to work effectively.

People are turning to work from home, and it is important that your home office is inspiring and calming.

A pleasant home work place benefits your creativity! Let that be one of the essential ingredients for a healthy working climate. It can be fun and cozy. So, get rid of suspended ceilings, whiteboards, and boring chairs and get a sophisticated sunroom home office. We offer the most convenient work from home setup and the nicest home office design with our outdoor solutions.

Being self-employed, it is important to maintain a balance of things involved in work. The mix of work and private life can make it tempting to do things other than work. Fortunately, you can arrange your home office in such a way that you can work effectively.

Modern Home Office Setup with StrongBuild Sunrooms


StrongBuild sunrooms provide a modern work from home offices set up in your outdoor that gives you a feel of a separate office environment while remaining in your home. Our customized sunrooms are made to be used all around the year. Sunrooms for home office setup are made with insulating material and double-glazed glass. With the premium quality material, these are installed quickly and do not need any maintenance. For your satisfaction, we also provide a 10-year warranty on sunroom office setup. Our sunroom solutions not only provide you with a sophisticated space for home office but also adds value to your property.

Above all, StrongBuild sunrooms for workplace set up are very affordable and cost less than any other work setup.

Why invest in a sunroom for your home office?

Many people have a question about why they should invest in a sunroom when they can work from their living room or any other place at home. We have listed some of the benefits of a sunroom office that makes it necessary to have a separate office space.

The key to tax claim

As per Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Canadians who uses a separate space for office in home are qualified for tax deductions. You can claim household expenses such as electricity, cleaning, utility, internet, etc. and thus tax is deducted based on the percentage you use your workspace. In short, having a sunroom home office helps you in reducing the tax.

Increase work productivity

How nice would it be when you can work from your home while being in an outdoor environment? You will have a healthy dose of concentration because your sunroom office will always be an enjoyable place in the house. Studies have shown that natural light can increase productivity. Our wonderfully designed sunroom office set up allows plenty of natural light to stream in, thus improving your ability to concentrate and efficiency. It regulates your vision and encourage engaging more with work.

Workplace for the small inhabited

Don’t let the congested space deprive you from working effectively in home! Whether you live in a small or large home, you can always make room for a pleasant workplace in your outdoors. We have incredible small home office ideas where you can easily get a sunroom work set up for work without worrying about the space.

A different storage space for office stock

It doesn’t really matter what work you do from home; you always need storage space. When you think of storage space, you quickly think of cupboards, but your creative things do not have to be stored under lock and key. A sunroom office is perfect to keep your office items, latest creations and photos that inspire you. It is nice to collect them and display them in your sunroom office.

Working in a shared workspace is more fun

A working day from home is now the most normal thing in the world. That’s great because it saves your travel time, and it has been proven that people are twice as productive.

If you and your partner both work, you may be working from home at the same time. We all have experienced how distracting it can be working from home. With our cleverly planned sunroom workspace, you would be pleasantly close to each other without getting disturbed.

Office as per your preferences

Of course, your workplace can now look as you always wanted it to be. Choose the style as you like and the interior that you want to have in your office. Also, don’t forget to put down plants and flowers you like in the list. It makes you fall in love with the office environment, and you will work more to spend more time there.

A place for all your ideas

As we said before, get rid of those boring whiteboards and charts! With our amazingly designed Sunrooms, you can turn the entire back wall into a creative outlet. Stick the colorful notes on the wall or get pin boards if you want. Create a work environment that stimulates your creativity, mind and style.

Thinking of home office ideas? StrongBuild offers the best office workspace solutions for your home throughout Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Burnaby, New Westminster and Delta. Just contact us for a free estimate and get your office build up in 24 to 48 hours!