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window and door Awnings in vancouver

StrongBuild Awning Solutions Make Your Life Easier

Having a roof awning installed is a great way to extend your living area and make better use of the airy space around your home.

Awnings by StrongBuild are made for common fit of homes and offer shade and shelter for an outdoor area.

StrongBuild  makes it easy and simple to power up, upgrade, fix, or replace your awning. Our brand saves your time and money. So why wait? Just upgrade your awnings today!

What is an Awning?

An awning is a type of additional roof or cover that helps to protect severe sun exposure and guards your outdoors. Awnings can be fixed and made of different materials such as aluminum. Our window awnings are available in a 2 or 3 projection, with durable panels. They are available in transparent and bronze colour.

StrongBuild  Awning  Installation Cost

Our installation cost depends on the size, material and demand of the home owner.

Materials  Used

We use superior aluminum to install the awnings.  Select the awning that fits your vision for the outdoor space. Our Awnings are made of superior quality so that it can withstand any challenge, be it storm, huge rain, or snowfall. 

Benefits of Awnings

Awnings can save you from the harsh sunrays, rain, snow, and hail. It protects from direct rain  on the brick or siding of doors. This will extend the life of the cement around your door and windows. Awning play an important role in protecting you from expensive repairs in the future.

Let us work with you to meet your unique requirements of awnings in Vancouver or Surrey. We offer some of the most  attractive prices.



Type of Awnings

Window And Door Awnings

window and door awnings in vancouver

Durable and permanent awnings fixed to the windows! These act as a safeguard for the windows and protect from crude sunrays and rain. With StrongBuild window awning, you can enjoy the fresh air while sitting in your room. They add beauty and a classic touch to your house.   

At StrongBuild, we provide you with the best and durable material for your window awning with different styles and colors. All our products come with warranty of many years.

Our window awnings come with a projection of 2 feet or 3 feet, from which you can choose as per your need. The basic width of an awning is generally 2 feet and you can add multiple awning of 2 feet, depending upon the length of your wall.   

The door awning help to protect the main door of your house from blazing sunrays and heavy rainfall, and guard your door against untimely fading. These are considered as a good investment because they work as cooling and heating expansions that contribute to energy efficiency. So, without any hassles, fix the door awnings and give your house an incredible look. 

We offer you a huge variety of customized window and door awnings to choose from. Select the design as per your choice and extend the life of your outdoors.   

Premium Product: Frameless Glass Awning

At StrongBuild, we also provide glass awnings for commercial buildings. It could be a door or window awning made of frameless glass and are supported on high-rise buildings.

So, without any delay, call us for a perfect outdoor solution in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, and Burnaby!