Room Addition or Sunroom, which one you should install

Room Addition or Sunroom, Which One You Should Install?

To improve the size and adaptability of their homes, homeowners have traditionally preferred adding sunrooms and room additions. House extensions have several benefits. This includes extra living space and increased property value, appealing outdoor living spaces, and more private spaces like offices and home gyms. In sunrooms as well as full room extensions, frameless glass walls and doors enhance natural light. It seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor spaces.      

When determining whether to invest money in a sunroom addition or a full room expansion, there are a few things to consider. Let’s look at how these two home extensions differ from one another. So, you can decide which is the best choice for you. Moreover, it is better to hire someone who can guide you as per your requirements. If you choose to install sunroom, you must reach out to Strong Build, sunroom builder in Vancouver, for better experience.   

Selecting Your Home’s Best Addition   

The intended use of the area, available funds, and local environment should all be taken into account when deciding between a sunroom and a full room extension.  While full room expansions are best for more private places like bedrooms, home gyms, or offices, sunrooms are best for shared spaces that don’t require as much seclusion, such plant rooms, playrooms, or outside eating areas. In general, sunroom additions are less expensive than whole-room expansions. However, because they frequently lack insulation and electrical wiring, they are better suited for houses in warmer regions.  For a more thorough explanation of each type of addition and the benefits and drawbacks that could affect your choice of the best solution for your home, keep reading.     

Addition of Sunroom   

Addition of Sunroom

A sunroom addition can be the best option for you if you are seeking an affordable solution. This would add more space to your house as well as a welcoming environment with more natural light. Moreover, sunrooms are glass room expansions that combine indoor and outdoor living spaces. They are also known as solariums or screen rooms. Moreover, a light aluminum frame and concrete slabs are frequently used in these expansions. And around 80% of the wall area is glass. Sunrooms can be totally enclosed and solely accessible from the inside of the house, or they can be fitted with stacked glass walls that open to a patio or yard.     

Sunrooms frequently cost less than full room extensions since they do not need as many building supplies, as much labor, as much insulation, or as much of an HVAC system. Basic sunroom kits costing conventional materials start at around $15,000, but top-of-the-line sunrooms made of aluminum and frameless glass can cost more than this.      

Pros of Sunroom   

  • Greater use of natural light    
  • Additional room    
  • Efficient time for construction    
  • cost-efficient choice     

Cons of Sunroom   

  • Restricted to a house’s side, front, or back    
  • They are ineffective during the cold due to a lack of insulation.    
  • Perhaps excludes HVAC or electrical wiring    
  • A little privacy     

Adding a Room   

A full room addition is a bump-out or other room extension. This is made of common building materials including wood, concrete, glass, house sheathing, and shingles. Mudrooms, kitchen extensions, home offices, and extra bedrooms are all excellent uses for these additions.     

A room addition can be added onto any part of your home to expand its square footage and boost its value, unlike sunroom additions which must be put onto an existing building. A foundation, doors, windows, finishes, HVAC, and insulation are typically included in home extensions. This makes them more complicated but gives them the advantage of year-round usability.     

A room extension’s price can vary on the basis of complication and usage of it. The cost of room extensions is significantly higher than that of sunrooms since they need insulation, conventional building supplies, and more labor. However, they can significantly raise the value of your house, making them good long-term investments.     

Pros of Full Room Addition   

  • Added to any room in the house    
  • Best suited for quiet spaces     
  • Increased area and value of the property    
  • HVAC and insulation for year-round use    

Cons of Full Room Addition   

  • Expensive labor and material costs    
  • Less space for windows and natural lighting    
  • Long process of construction    
  • Possible increases in insurance and property taxes   

Key Takeaways   

Add an Amusing Floor

Sunrooms provide a lovely, private haven where you may pursue your artistic endeavors, unwind, and provide excellent connectivity between the interior and exterior of your home. Additionally, it increases the value of your house on the real estate market. Furthermore, a wonderful way to increase returns on investment is by adding a sunroom.    

Furthermore, sunrooms could be the ideal option if you are hoping to make the most of your home’s spaces. If you already have a sunroom, you may want to think about seasonal screen repair or seasonal screen replacement to keep it properly maintained. Prepare to fill your home with a ton of brightness, warmth, and joy! 

Do your Home Addition with Strong Build   

Whether you are looking to create a cozy space to relax, a private home office free from distractions, or a bright playroom for the kids. Strong Build can help you create the home addition of your dreams. Our sunroom and patio cover seamlessly create addition at your place that is the next level. Experts at Strong Build, a sunroom builder in Vancouver, will aid as per your requirements.   

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