Protect Your Outdoor Furniture with Patio Covers

Protect Your Outdoor Furniture with Patio Covers

Patio covers are freestanding or attached outdoor structures. These can be of any size. The patio covers are opened on the sides with framing and a roof that protects that space from rain and other weather conditions.

If you have outdoor furniture, its protection should be of concern. After all, you would not buy new furniture every season. Maintaining the furniture and protecting it from the outside weather is important. The actual concern is that the weather is unpredictable and you never know when it will start raining or when it will get sunny. So, you must prepare yourself for both the best and the worst. The solution to all the weather conditions is to get a patio cover installed.

Getting a patio cover will be a worthwhile investment for any homeowner who likes to spend time in their yard. The patio covers add elegance and value to your home, besides providing shelter which allows you to enjoy nature. If you think it takes days to install a patio cover, then you may not be right because most installations can be accomplished in just a day.

Patio covers come in a variety:

Aluminum patio covers

Polycarbonate patio covers

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Depending on your need and budget, you can choose between aluminum and polycarbonate patio covers.

Benefits of Aluminum Patio Covers:

aluminum patio cover benefits

Reduce heat – Aluminum patio covers block the sun rays. These reduce heat while allowing for complete ventilation.

Weather protection – Patio covers and window awnings shield your patio covers, doorways, and even windows from rain and snow.

Easy maintenance and care.

Long-lasting durability.

Quite customizable.

Benefits of Polycarbonate Patio Covers:


Almost/ nearly unbreakable.

Resistant to the bullet.


Resistant to UV rays.

A great choice for greenhouses.

Resistant to extreme temperature conditions.

Protects against discoloring.

If you like sitting in nature but get bothered by the harsh weather conditions, then patio covers would definitely make a great choice. Sitting directly under the sun rays can cause you harm but if you sit under the patio cover and enjoy the warmth that sun rays bring, it would definitely be a pleasure. So, there is no doubt that having a patio cover is not a boon. Apart from your own comfort, patio covers also add value to your place. Yes, it enhances the real estate value of your home. So, if your house has got patio covers, you can potentially sell your valuable asset at a profitable price. The same goes for having a sunroom at your place too.

Benefits of Polycarbonate Patio Covers

What Can You Put on a Covered Patio?

There are a lot of modifications that you can do with a covered patio. You can add the following:

An enclosed skylight.

Partially shaded furniture.

Constructing a pavilion.

Installing galvanized steel panels.

Building a pergola.

Hanging curtains around the pergola.

Stretching a tarp.

Using trees.

Here’s an alternative too, i.e., you can also install patio furniture.

What is Patio Furniture?

It is known as garden furniture or outdoor furniture. Such furniture is specifically designed for outdoor use. Such furniture is typically made of weather-resistant materials such as aluminum, which is rust-proof.

You can keep any type of garden furniture from the following:

Aluminum Garden Furniture

Steel or Wrought Iron Garden Furniture

Plastic or Resin Garden Furniture

Synthetic Garden Furniture

Wooden Garden Furniture

Natural Wicker Garden Furniture

Benches, garden chairs, deck chair lounge, armchair, chairs with ottoman, camping chair, dining chair, rocking chair, suspended seats, hammock, patio day bed/sofa, patio stools, tables, coffee tables, side tables, fire pit table, picnic table, patio console table, sofas, regular sofas for the deck, bistro sets, etc. Keep any of the furniture items under your patio cover and make the outer space more appealing.

So, after looking at all the answers above, we come to the conclusion that yes, getting a patio cover is worth it.

Once you get a patio cover installed at your place, here’s what you can expect from a patio cover.

What Should You Expect from a Patio Cover?

Just as said above, patio covers offer a number of advantages such as:

Protection from Weather

Weather exposure is one of the most destructive conditions that can affect your patio cover. It does not matter if your patio is made of stone, wood, or concrete.

With time, you will notice wear and tear which may further result in cracks, dents, or other damage.

For instance, if you have a wooden patio, it is more prone to dry up and get brittle in the summers. In fact, wood fading may also occur. Over time, even the rainy season may cause wood patios to rot.

A patio cover largely cuts down on weather-related patio issues. It means fewer maintenance and repair costs, not to mention you can even spend time enjoying your yard during the summer and the rainy season!

Durable Furniture

If your outdoor furniture is fading away more quickly than you expected, combat them by getting a patio cover installed. Through a covered patio, you can protect your outdoor furniture.

Balancing and Maintaining the Indoor Temperature

A lot of homeowners think that patio covers are only for outdoor purposes. However, in reality, they offer more than you expect. Yes, a patio cover can also lower your home’s temperature during hot summer days.

Once your patio becomes a shaded area, it blocks the heat from the Sun which affects the indoor temperature.

Having a patio cover will only have more advantages than disadvantages. You will get to experience the comfort that you expect and earn profits by the time you think of selling the house. So, this one-time investment will be a boon not just for the short-term but also in the long term.

If you are also looking forward to getting a patio cover installed at your home, contact the best patio cover service provider in Vancouver viz., Strong Build Sunrooms.

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