Modern Home Office Setup With StrongBuild Sunrooms

Modern Home Office Setup With StrongBuild Sunrooms

Your garden is outside, and your living room is inside. What do you choose when the morning sun is beaming? When you see the beautiful greenhouses, you understand where outside starts. In your home office setup, with a view all around, the experience of being outside is wonderful.  

More and more people nowadays work from home after the lockdown situations of the Coronavirus. Not everyone has space at home to create an office or a closed workplace where you can work in peace. Due to the increasing demand for office spaces at home, the sunroom as an office is an ideal solution.  

Do you have an open space where you want to be able to sit in a sheltered position? Then the StrongBuild glass walls will inspire you. Why would you close a room completely when there are still such beautiful summer days to come? With our sliding and revolving glass walls, you make a choice every day: will it be opened, half-opened or closed today? In the wind or out of the wind? Whether you want a completely closed or open modern home office setup: a StrongBuild home office is a solution.  

Why a Sunroom as Your Home Office?  

With the sunroom, you can place the office outdoor. The sunroom can be attached to your home but can, of course, be placed in almost any place in the garden. Do you want an extension to the existing covering? No problem! Should it become a detached office? We also have models for that.  

Why a Sunroom as Your Home Office

With StrongBuild home office designs, you have options for ventilation, such as ventilation grilles but also patio skylights. In this way, it remains a pleasant space to work in. For the summer period, there are also sun blinds and screens.   

Create your own trusted workplace. No longer an open-plan office, but a workplace that feels like home. The nice advantage of a sunroom as an office space? You work practically outside! It is a very nice place to work and so close to home with lots of natural light.  

A Room For Creativity

A Room For Creativity

You don’t have to dig into your bag of tricks to set up your home office in a sunroom. We’ll give you ideas for that as well.  

Do you want to practice your hobbies in a relaxed way without disturbing anyone? Then your winter garden is the ideal place! You only need your favorite things and some space to develop your creativity.  

We present your ideas on how to easily convert your winter garden into a hobby room.  

Relax your soul – The reading room: Sit back and immerse yourself in the world of your favorite book with a warm tea in your hand – that’s it? Then turn your sunroom office into your personal library!  

Plenty of storage space for your books offer high shelves and is also suitable as an optimal privacy screen. If they are opened on both sides, they also automatically provide a beautiful eye-catcher from the outside.  

For late reading evenings, you need a reading light, for example, a floor lamp is suitable, as it can be easily changed in the room.  

Of course, there is also a cozy place to keep books: depending on your preference, you can grab a hammock, beanbag, armchair or sofa.  

Plenty of room for the imagination: A minimalist design that is limited to the essentials.  

Working at home can also mean working in the green land! A garden is ideal for a study because it is undisturbed, and you can automatically avoid stress due to the beautiful view.  

When furnishing your office, you should limit yourself to the essentials so that space is not overloaded. Furniture in very light tones and glass elements, such as a safety glass worktop, is ideal. Because you will normally sit there for a long time, you should not be without an ergonomic office chair.  

Although the sun at work provides happiness hormones, the sun can also quickly blind and, therefore, disturbing. Therefore, always pay attention to sufficient shade, which you can achieve, for example, with adjustable internal blinds.  

Plenty of room for the imagination

Home Office By StrongBuild Sunrooms 

StrongBuild has started a new phenomenon on the market – the sunroom as a office room. A simple way to quickly create a closed space in the office. Do you know the best part? They are more affordable.  A sunroom is versatile; we know applications such as; conservatory, solarium, glass room, etc. You can use this for almost any idea. In addition to maintaining the openness in the office through the glass, your outdoor also looks very stylish. Interior designers love our home offices; it completes their design!  

Still, looking for the perfect retreat? When do you start working from home? With us you will find a great choice of home office sunrooms- there is certainly a suitable space for you. 

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