Improve Your Sunrooms Efficiency in Simple Steps

Improve Your Sunroom’s Efficiency in Simple Steps

Here’s one thing that we have figured out which really bothers and also has the potential to burn your pockets.  

Can you guess what is that? 

Well, these are the electricity bills.  

Am I right? Hoping that I am, let me take your burden away and educate you on the steps that you can use to minimize expenditure. 

The first and the foremost is getting a sunroom installed. Get this luxe service from the best sunroom builders in Vancouver. For that you will have to contact Strong Build Sunrooms and get a free quote. There on, get the work started.  

Now you must be wondering how can sunroom reduce your electricity bills. This is how sunroom works.  

  • The sunroom allows ample natural heat during winters.  
  • During cold chilly days, the sunrays warm up the windows to the sunroom, provides an effective and energy-efficient heating.  

Hence, sunroom provides natural light in abundance and is a great way to reduce energy bills every month. 

If you do not have a sunroom at your place, then you must certainly have because it is just one-time investment and no doubt great too. 

But if you are someone who already have a sunroom installed, then here are some one the ways by which you can improve sunroom’s efficiency.  

Maximize Insulation 

Maximize Insulation in sunrooms

In case you are getting a sunroom installed, it is recommended for you to get an easy one that can be insulated. For example, a sunroom with an actual roof and ceiling will be more efficient than a structure with floor-to-ceiling glass panels.  

Working with experienced sunroom builders in Vancouver like Strong Build Sunroom contractor will help you take a fair decision about the type and level of insulation your sunroom needs.  

Generally, the space above the ceiling and below the floor should be insulated for maximum efficiency and output. 

Use Energy-Efficient Glasses 

Use Energy Efficient Glasses

Sunrooms can be extremely hot in summers and cold in winters. But there is an easy way to fix it. By choosing energy-efficient glass for the windows of sunroom, you can not only increase its energy efficiency but also its comfort too.  

Just make sure you turn to the best sunroom builders in Vancouver because if the sunroom is poorly installed, there is no way you can make it energy efficient.  

Build Sunroom in a Prime Location 

Build Sunroom in a Prime Location

Location of your sunroom plays a bigger role. But you may not be able to decide the right location. So, it is better to seek advice from the best sunroom builders in Vancouver and then get the work started.   

Wrong location will deprive you of right amount of sunlight and may not even provide shadow when required.  

So, it is suggested to get your sunroom built in an area that is well-shaded in the brazing summers and also allows enough sun in the winters.  

In case you have trees and greenery on your property, you must ask or the right advice from the professional sunroom builders in Vancouver. Alternatively, you can plant some trees around your sunroom once it gets constructed.  

Keep Your Sunroom Cool in Summers 

Keep Your Sunroom Cool in Summers

If you crave whole day sun exposure, then summers is the perfect time to enjoy and make the best out of the sunroom. During rainy season or pleasant weather, you can take full advantage of your sunroom without having to deal with bugs and rain.  

But if the sun is shining bright, you may not able to sit in the heat which is a great issue. To avoid the heating up of sunroom during summers, you can use the following cost-effective and energy-saving ideas: 

Increasing Airflow  

Increasing Airflow in sunroom

Allow ventilation openings in your sunroom. This is necessary because if the heat inside the sunroom rises, it can escape. Install ventilation fans to encourage hot air to escape through the vents. If not this, you can also increase the airflow through the living space in your sunroom. Just place fans near the floor and the work will be done.  

Use Window Tinting  

Use Window Tinting sunrooms

You can get the windows of your sunroom tinted. This will also keep the heat from the sun out of the sunroom. Window tinting will also block some of the light, but proportionally more heat will be blocked.  

Insulated windows can also have the similar effect, but you may not want to replace the windows after the sunroom is built. This must be considered when your sunroom is still in the construction phase. 

Install Blinds  

Install Blinds at sunroom

Blinds will block the sunlight. There are different types of blinds available and depending on the need, you can use these for your sunroom.  

For instance, some blinds are hung on the insides of the windows, and some are sandwiched between the glass panes. The latter can be considered when the windows are being purchased and installed.  

Window blinds give you more options than the other types. The best part of blinds is that these can be partially open or tilted up or down to deflect the sun rays. (As needed)  

To make your sunroom cool during summers, you will have to track the sun exposure into your sunroom throughout the day. You must know the hot spots so that you can mitigate the problem of harsh sunrays effectively.  

To keep your sunroom, cool in the summers, you can even install insulated drapes or blackout shades. These will completely block the sunlight and keep your sunroom cool.  

Keep Your Sunroom Warm in Winters 

Save energy, save power bills. Keep your sunrooms warm in winters through the following steps.  

At first, you can heat the space, and secondly, you can insulate the exterior walls so that the heat does not escape.  

Insulation not only keeps your sunroom warm but also it helps in cutting down the heating costs. Here are some of the best ways by which you can accomplish this: 

Install Weather-Stripping  

Install Weather Stripping in sunroom

To keep sunrooms warm, you will have to try the air does not leak out from the window frames. For that, you must get weather-stripping installed around the windows. You can also use a clear caulk to have a look at the areas between window frames and the wall or you can even use it between two window frames that butt together. 

Add Insulation  

Add Insulation sunroom

Insulation will help in preventing the warm air from escaping through the windows of sunroom. For insulation, apply a window tinting to block radiant heat. The tinting allows the sunlight to warm the space. But it also does not let the solar energy escape. The tint may diminish your view through the windows, but just a  small amount. 

Install a Ceiling Fan  

This you can do to push warmer air down from the ceiling and circulate it evenly throughout the sunroom. By circulating the air in sunroom, the fan will push warm air that rises back down into the living space in your room from where you will be able to feel it. 

Use Insulated Drapes to Cover the Windows 

Use Insulated Drapes to Cover the Windows 

Insulated fabric will hold the warm air in your sunroom. You can adjust the drapes as per your requirement. For instance, if you need the sun during the day, you can open the drapes and when the sun goes down, you can close the drapes to keep the warmth inside the sunroom.  

To make the sunroom even more energy-efficient, you can also install a solar energy panel.  

Not just the above, you can also heat your sunroom by simply opening the door to your house and letting the heat flow. Warm air will naturally move toward the cooler space until the temperature is balanced. If you think, this is also not enough, you can keep a heater inside the sunroom. 

All the above methods may cost you something but the cost will comparatively be less than your power bills. Also, installing blinds, curtains, and sunrooms, etc., will be your long-term investment just like having a sunroom. It will not only increase the real estate value of your home but will also save you several dollars on energy bills.  

If you are looking for energy-efficient sunrooms, contact the best sunroom builders in Vancouver. Call Strong Build Sunrooms.  

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