How to maintain a patio cover A 4 step cleaning guide

How to Maintain a Patio Cover: A 4-Step Cleaning Guide

A patio cover is an asset to any garden. To begin with, it is an absolute added value for your home. A patio cover can best be described as a ‘luxury roof’ without walls or partitions.   

Of course, you can use the patio cover as sun protection or protection against the rain. So, you can optimally enjoy your garden at any time without being bothered by the weather conditions. Moreover, it can be used for the protective function to keep bicycles, the barbecue or your garden furniture dry and out of the wind.  

A patio cover generally does not require much maintenance, but it is still advisable to clean it at least twice a year. This ensures a longer lifespan. Additionally, you can enjoy your garden or terrace, even more, when the patio cover is shining beautifully.  

Cleaning the Patio Cover  

Our patio covers in Vancouver have a roof covering made of solid polycarbonate, aluminum, or glass material. It is best to clean the roof covering with a cleaning hose, and not by rubbing it with a cloth. So how exactly should you proceed?  

Cleaning the Patio Cover

Basic points to consider:  

  • Add an organic neutral soap product to the water for optimal results.  
  • Spray the roof with a garden hose having normal pressure.  
  • Clean the aluminum profiles  
  • The edge aluminum frame of your patio cover requires even less maintenance than the roof covering.  
  • Wash the profiles with a sponge and lukewarm water with a neutral cleaning product (possibly the same product as for the roof covering).  
  • Repeat this every (half) year.  

You can use different cleaning products to clean the roof and screen, but with soap and water, you are already on the right track. Just make sure to always use a mild soap. Do you suffer from green deposits on the slats or roof? First, grease it with some green soap and let it soak for a while. Remove the dirt with a rag and then rinse with water using a garden hose.   

What Should You Definitely Not do?  

It is always essential that you clean a patio cover correctly. If you fail to do this, you run the risk of irreparably damaging your roof. Of course, you would rather avoid this. Therefore, make sure to avoid the following cleaning agents:  

What Should You Definitely Not do

Scouring pads: These can scour a small layer of the paint and thus damage the roof.  

Abrasive, acidic or aggressive cleaning agents: These can peel off the paint.  

High- pressure cleaner: A pressure cleaner sprays the water with a (too) high force, which can also damage the cover.  

Step-by-Step Guide for Patio Cover Maintenance  

1. Cleaning The Roof  

Safety comes first when cleaning the roof. We, therefore, advise you not to walk on the roof plates. Use a ladder to put against the roof. To prevent damage to your roof, you can wrap a cloth around the top of the ladder. Then first remove the loose dirt from the roof panels with a soft broom. After that, follow the tips appropriate to the roof type:

Cleaning The Roof 

Glass roof: Rinse the glass plates thoroughly with water. Then clean the roof with soapy water and finally check the glass panes with chamois leather and a retractable window squeegee.  

Polycarbonate roof: Clean the polycarbonate roof sheets with water and soapy water. Then rinse the roof thoroughly with water and wipe the panels with a soft cloth to prevent scratches.  

Aluminum roof: Start by hosing down the aluminum. Use a garden hose to do this. After sand and dust are removed, further clean the aluminum parts with a soft cloth or sponge and a solution of lukewarm water and a non-degreasing soap. Rinse again with water.  

2. A Tidy Gutter  

Especially in the autumn and winter months, extra cleaning of the gutter cannot hurt. Put on a pair of work gloves and remove the fallen leaves and branches from the gutter. This way, you prevent blockages and the water continues to drain well through the upright.  

3. Clean Sliding Glass Walls  

Do you have sliding glass walls in your patio cover? Just like windows, you should clean glass walls regularly. After all, it would be awkward that the open view to your garden is obstructed by stripes or spots. You can then polish the glass plates in the same way as the windows of your house. Do not forget to also take the bottom guide of the rail system with you when cleaning. This way, the glass panels can continue to slide effortlessly. With some water, you can easily rinse the dirt away. With some lukewarm water with a dash of vinegar and a sponge, clean the entire surface, then remove the water with a squeegee.  

Clean Sliding Glass Walls

4. Maintain Additional Accessories  

If you have personalized your patio cover with additional accessories, you should not lose sight of them during the maintenance. Some accessories require a little more attention than others.  

Windshields: You can also simply clean the screens as other parts of the patio cover, i.e., with lukewarm water and a mild detergent.  

Terrace lighting: Terrace lighting lasts a very long time if maintained well. You can safely remove dust yourself, but in case of a defect, it is better to call in a professional.  

That’s it! You are all set with a bright and beautiful patio cover after cleaning once in a while (usually six months). 

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