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How to Create the Ideal Sunroom Extension for Your House

Although increasing your home’s usable living space is an exciting move, figuring out which kind of addition is best for you can be challenging. This blog post will offer some assistance in making that choice. Whereas, if you are looking for the sunroom installation services then you can contact to Strong Build, Sunroom Builder in Vancouver and enjoy the advantages of it.  

Select a Use for Your Sunroom  

Determine how you and your family will use your new sunroom before designing the ideal space. Sunrooms are not merely for lounging around in. A sunroom can serve a variety of purposes, such as a sitting area, home office, gym, and entertainment area. Select the appropriate sunroom style for you and your family, then contact Strong Builds to get started building it.  

Objective: To Entertain  

sunroom erntertain

Have you outgrown your living or family room now? Is the position of your home’s entertainment space currently in the center of the floor plan, which is not ideal? If either of these scenarios applies to you, a sunroom can serve as an additional family room. Three-season rooms, four-season rooms, and solariums are all fantastic gathering spaces. Adding a sunroom to your home will increase its space, whether you use it for family gatherings or game evenings. Living indoors and outdoors will benefit you, and you’ll have more space to relax and spend time with your loved ones. Add a pool table or other table games for a fun night in at home. Don’t forget to supply comfortable chairs so that visitors may unwind and converse while enjoying one another’s company.  

Don’t forget to allocate room for snacks and refreshments! End tables or high-top tables are great additions for people to put their drinks on, play a game of cards or checkers, or set down their drinks. Making the most of the space and creating a unique atmosphere for entertaining guests can both be accomplished by using a sunroom as an entertainment area. 

Goal: Recreation  

After a long day of work or chores, relax in a solarium, screen room, four-season room, or three-season room. Use your sunroom to wake up in the morning or for leisurely reading. Additionally, even your dogs will enjoy the sunshine, vistas, and fresh air that a sunroom provides. 

Or, if you need a bigger space for guests, consider letting them relax in your sunroom. Add shutters or blinds, a daybed or sleeper sofa, and other furnishings to use the area for sleeping at night and lounging during the day. This not only maximizes the usable space but also gives you a spot to sit in the room when no guests are there. 

Goal: Home Office

home office sunroom

There is a growing need for home offices! Most people now work from home after COVID-19. To get your mind out of home mode and into business mode, a sunroom extension as a home office can be the perfect option.  

There are various advantages to having a separate home office in a sunroom:  

Natural sunshine can help you feel better and work more efficiently.  

little outside distractions from the house.  

Avoid working from home? Your computer, laptop, or tablet might still benefit from a place to relax at your home office. Additionally, it might be useful for keeping crucial or confidential documents and office supplies in storage.  

Object: Hobbies  

A solarium or four-season room offers a new indoor place for seasonal activities like gardening. These spaces provide natural light, making them comfortable places for your plants to live. Additionally, solariums and four-season rooms are great spaces for indoor activities like reading, crafts, and watching birds. 

The ideal lighting for crafts is natural light. There is no need to be concerned about fluorescent lighting distorting colors or squinting while working on challenging projects. Instead, use a good, light-filled space to work on crafts and other hobbies you’ve been thinking about. By including storage for all of your crafting and hobby equipment, you can make imaginative use of your space. 

Determine the Frequency of Sunroom Use  

Year-round Use of Your Sunroom  

The next step in deciding how to use your new sunroom is deciding how frequently you want to use it. A four-season room or solarium can be your best option if you want to utilize your sunroom all year round.  

The weather lock in a four-season room is more advanced, and it has interlocking sashes, streamlined door handles, and other security elements. Because they can be heated and cooled, four-season rooms are great because they let you utilize your sunroom all year round. 

The best views of your surroundings are provided by the glass roof and walls of a solarium. Moreover, every solarium is built with our 1-inch-thick double-pane insulated glass to improve heating and cooling effectiveness.  

Enjoy Your Sunroom Throughout All Three Seasons

enjoy three seasons sunroom

Although a three-season room is less expensive than a solarium or four-season room, it is not intended to be heated and cooled all year round. In contrast, depending on where in the nation you are, a space heater (like an electric fireplace) or portable fan may be all you need to stay comfortable. A three-season room from Strong Builds has extra weather protection and a dual-point locking system, among other advantages. However, you may spend longer time in your enclosed space thanks to the three-season room’s draught and weather protection, and the locking system adds security.  

Utilize Your Sunroom When It’s Warm  

You can unwind in a sunroom in the summer. You can benefit from the outdoors without leaving the comfort of your home. A screen room is also the perfect location for someone who wants to spend the warmer months in close proximity to nature. You might still enjoy the outdoors despite the presence of mosquitoes and other insects.  

Create a Unique Environment with Strong Build  

After deciding on the sunroom style that is perfect for you and your house. Add your own unique touches to the room by selecting from the countless custom sunroom options provided by Strong Build including frame color, roof style, glass type, window and door combinations, and more. Whatever your ideal place entails, the Strong Build team can assist you in creating it. Contact us! 


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