How Patio Covers Help Beat Cold Winters

How Patio Covers Help Beat Cold Winters?

What about a Patio Cover in Winter?

If you have a patio cover, you naturally want to enjoy it as long as possible. Such a shelter is great service in the summer, and you can also make fair use of it in the spring and autumn. Sitting under a patio cover in Vancouver in the winter may seem impossible, but there are still plenty of options to enjoy under your patio cover even in the coldest season of the year.  

In winter, your patio will have to endure a lot more. Freezing temperatures and winter rainfall do not do any good to the appearance of your patio tiles, furniture and accessories. Here, patio cover ensures to make the best out of winter season and enjoy at the fullest.  

Sit Under Your Patio Cover During The Winter 

To enjoy your patio cover in all seasons, you need to consider some points while choosing a covering for your patio. If you want to sit under the outdoor roof in the winter, the cover must meet certain requirements. We have listed the requirements below:  

  • The framework of the patio cover must be solid and stable. After all, it should be able to withstand all weather conditions.  
  • The roof must be able to drain rainwater properly. If the cover is placed in an inclined position, this makes a significant difference. The best service provider for patio cover in Vancouver will be able to advise you better.  
  • The cover must be sturdy enough to withstand a lot of snow.  
  • The patio cover must be able to let in enough sunlight because, in winter, you need this to be warm under the roof.  
Sit Under Your Patio Cover During The Winter

Making Your Patio Cover Winter-Ready   

If you already own a patio cover, the other elements on your patio also deserve the necessary care. Your patio cover gets a lot of attention, so you better make sure it radiates. By regularly maintaining your patio cover, you remove dirt residues and preserve the beautiful appearance of paint and the Color. Use some maintenance tips and protect your patio area against all weather conditions.  

Making Your Patio Cover Winter-Ready

1. Clean the patio covering with a pressure cleaner. 

2. Don’t forget to clean the clutter on the floor and over the roof!   

3. Check your patio heater on time and have it repaired by an expert if necessary.   

4. Make sure the lightings do not have collected dust.  

Close The Patio Cover 

You are always dry under a patio cover, but in the winter, it is important that you are also sufficiently sheltered from wind and weather. You can achieve this by closing the sides of the patio cover. This can be done in different ways.  

Use a Side Wedge  

Placing a side wedge is a simple and effective method to stop the wind that blows at the top of the patio cover. You can close the sloping part of your patio cover with a side wedge. If the patio cover is built against a fence or wall and sticks out just above it, you create a completely closed wall in this way. A side wedge is usually made of polycarbonate.  

Install Fence Sections  

By placing fence sections, you can completely close the side walls of the patio cover. The best thing is to provide the top part of the fence with glass so that you have an unobstructed view. You also get a lot light this way.  

Install Side Walls  

Install patio Side Walls

If you want to be completely sheltered and maintain a full view, you can also install transparent side walls. You can choose from two materials here: glass and polycarbonate. Both are always completely sheltered and offers a lot of light. You can also go for sliding glass walls for more convenience.  

Get a Permanent Sunroom  

Don’t want to install any temporary wall covers? Your patio cover in Vancouver can also be transformed into a sunroom. StrongBuild sunrooms help covering your patio roof with windows and doors, making it a complete sunroom that could be best for winters.  

Heating Your Patio Cover 

If you want to sit comfortably warm under your patio cover for garden in the winter, it is quickly necessary to heat it. You can do this in many ways. For example, there are heaters that you can hang on the roof or wall. The advantage of heaters is that they do not stand out and take up little space. In addition, there are also freestanding heating elements that you can keep in the center of the terrace. 

If you want to make optimal use of the heat under your patio cover, it is best to go for both options: close the walls and install a heater.  

Do you not yet have a roof yourself, but would you like one? Do contact us for the possibilities with a FREE quote. At StrongBuild, we offer customized patio covers as we have many years of experience in building custom patio covers, carports, sunrooms, awnings, and a lot more.  

Customized patio Cover: The Benefits  

Customized patio Cover The Benefits

A tailor-made patio cover offers many advantages. We make our patio covers in Vancouver completely according to your wishes. This means that your patio cover perfectly matches your style and fits smoothly into your home. Thus, you can be sure that the total picture is one hundred per cent correct!   

What advantages do you enjoy?  

  • We make your patio season-proof. This way, you will be warm in the colder months and nice and fresh during the summer.  
  • You no longer have to drag around with your garden furniture or your barbecue. From now on, you can leave it there all year round, protected from wind and weather.  
  • The roof covering is always made of solid polycarbonate, glass, or insulated aluminum to ensure strength.  
  • Thanks to a 10-year guarantee of the patio covering, you can always sleep soundly.  

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