Glass Railings to Elevate Your Home's Style

Glass Railings to Elevate Your Home’s Style

Glass is amusing and lively, no matter if it is used outside or inside the house. The unique view from the balcony with glass railings offers a wonderful panorama. Spending summer evenings in this beautiful view makes you feel fresh and time lasts longer.  

Glass gives the railings a completely different ‘touch’. Railings are used in many buildings to support the stairs and balconies and provide security. While a variety of materials can be used to design an eye-catching and functional railing, glass railings in Vancouver have become extremely popular in recent years due to its numerous advantages.  

From enhancing the interior design to offering modern architecture to any house, these glass frames are becoming a choice for everyone. But why should you choose glass? We list the benefits for you!   

1. Offers Light and Create an Illusion of More Space

offers Light and Create an Illusion of More Space

One most prominent reason to opt glass is the open atmosphere it creates around you. It does not stop light or fresh air to enter, and also makes the environment look more spacious. This property of clear glass railings makes it a choice for everyone. The flow of natural light emphasizes the presence of shine while creating airy vibes.   

2. Safe & Strong  

People tend to see glass as something very fragile. After all, if you drop or accidentally put a glass cup down too hard, it can break or tear very quickly. It is therefore not surprising that we may not immediately see the functionality with a glass railing. However, keep in mind that this is not just any glass. Special safety glass is used for railings which is very strong and really does not break just like that. This way, you always enjoy a safe feeling on your balcony or terrace and children can also play and jump around carefree.  

3. Beautiful Appearance  

balcony a luxurious and modern look

The biggest advantage of glass is, of course, its great characteristic appearance. Glass gives the balcony a luxurious and modern look. The right railing can mean a lot for the outdoor atmosphere. So put your doubts aside and opt for a glass railing in Vancouver. You will be stunned at the advantages and the effect they can have on your balcony!  

4. Transparent  

The most important property of glass: it is transparent. As a result, the building always retains its characteristic appearance, without compromising safety. It can also be very nice to have a transparent glass railing on a balcony. Otherwise, it is often not possible to look over the balcony while sitting. This would lose a lot of the view, and that would, of course, not be preferred. Fortunately, this problem is a thing of the past with glass railings.  

5. Stronger Than Wood or Metal  

Do you think it is a bit of a strange idea to shield your terrace or balcony with a glass railing? Do you prefer wood or metal, because these materials are much stronger in your eyes? Then you are very wrong. It is a great misunderstanding that glass can never be as strong as such materials.   

Technology is not standing still, as a result of which the types of glass are increasingly protected, and breaking of this glass is very difficult. Glass is therefore just as safe as wood or metal, perhaps even stronger. Moreover, you can assume that the railings must meet certain safety requirements. If it weren’t safe, they shouldn’t be sold. If you feel very strongly about safety and want to enjoy the luxury, you can certainly breathe a sigh of relief!  

6. Glass Railings Both Outside and Inside

strong build one best company of glass railings in vancouver

A glass railing can be used in various functions and both indoors and outdoors. If you want to install the railing inside, this is possible, for example, near a landing or as protection against falling on a staircase. This makes it an elegant alternative to other railings or fence. You can often find a glass railing outside as a French balcony or as a glass wall on a balcony or roof terrace.  

7. Easy to Clean  

Clean glass reailings

Apart from looking appealing, glass railings are easy to clean as well. Using some cleaning products to sweep the glass makes it shine in a little time. The best part is if there are any damages or scratches occur on the glass, they are very easy to polish, thus restore its original shine and beauty without any need of replacement. It is just a piece of cake to clean glass using a commercial cleaning product that is a positive side as compared to other materials.  

8. Choice to Add With Other Materials  

One great benefit of glass railings is the versatility it offers. You can try matching glass with any other material to make it secure and look beautiful. The general expanses of glass can be used with aluminum railings or other materials to complement the design. Moreover, they can also be used along with moldings of different materials. You can use the combinations for creating patterns, textures, and colors that suit the surroundings. Moreover, you can also opt for tempered glass or pinhead panels as per your choice.  

Are You Considering Glass Railings?   

We can execute this for you! This wonderful alternative to a fence or railing combines safety and beauty. Whether you are thinking about the safety of your balcony, developing borders with stair glass railings or concerned about making the interior appealing, we have different combination possibilities to meet your desires. Create a sleek interior with our extensive range of glass railings in Vancouver & Surrey! 

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