Glass railings for deck & balcony The various options around the house

Glass Railings For Deck & Balcony

Nice and airy in your outdoors! Glass railings for deck make your space completely screened so that you have a sheltered place where you can drink a cup of coffee, read the newspaper or relax in the sun. Glass railings can be placed at different heights on the inside or on the outside so that a closed space is created and you can always enjoy your view. The frameless glazing ensures a completely unobstructed view.  

Are you looking for a real eye-catcher around the house? Then consider purchasing glass railings. The biggest advantage of deck and balcony railings is that they can be used in many different ways in the house. Moreover, glass can be combined with almost any interior. Did you know that a glass railing plays an important role for outdoors along with indoors? The possibilities are endless. In this article, you will find some great ideas. Read along and get inspired!  

Advantages of Glass Railings  

When a design includes a height difference of more than one meter, you must ensure safety with railings or fences. A particularly elegant solution for this is the deck glass railings. Whether it concerns a staircase, balcony, loft, or walkway, a glass railing exudes modern class and is a perfect safety wall in a house.  

  • Transparency and design  
  • Maximum glass experience  
  • No loss of daylight  
  • Extremely strong  
  • Stylish and many design options  
  • Sustainable solution  

Options in Glass Railings for Deck & Balcony  

Glass Railings For Unobstructed Views


Glass Railings For Deck and Unobstructed Views

Is the deck your favorite place in the home? Do you spend an enormous amount of hours decorating and styling this lovely spot, but do you think it’s trouble that the partition from the terrace takes away so much of the view? Then you are certainly not alone. It is a common complaint that as soon as people sit on the deck, they see little of the view because of the partition that is used. Of course, such a partition has a very important function: guaranteeing the safety of the people sitting, but it is a bit of a pain to (partially) loses that beautiful view.  

With a glass railing, you put an end to this dilemma. Glass not only immediately gives the balcony a chic look but can also offer optimum safety and protection. In addition, glass is, of course, transparent, so you can enjoy an unobstructed view.  

Beautiful Staircase With Railing  

Beautiful Staircase With Railing

Of course, a railing can also be of great service at home. This can serve as extra protection on both sides of the stairs. You may know it: those pictures from books about villas in which a large spiral staircase with glass railings was decorated. These stair railings immediately give a feeling of luxury. In addition, they also offer optimal protection against falls. This makes it the ideal enrichment for every staircase.  

Open Floor or Atrium

Open Floor or Atrium

Do you have a great atrium or open floor in your home? Then a glass railing can make it complete. The railings not only offer extra protection but also ensures a completely open appearance. This makes space look much larger—ideal for relaxing after a busy working day. A glass railing can immediately increase living comfort.  

Glass Railings Without Much Fuss

Glass Railings Without Much Fuss

If you are looking for railings, you will probably immediately discover enchanting pictures of unique glass panels. But of course, all that fuss is not necessary. A single, elongated glass panel can sometimes achieve the same effect, simply by its own simplicity. Moreover, a narrow landing quickly appears a lot wider if it is enriched by a glass railing for the deck or balcony. Therefore, never be afraid that something seems too simple. The appearance of glass often does so much for a balcony that many more extras are not necessary. Beautiful in all its simplicity!  

As a specialist in railings in Vancouver, we know better than anyone what options there are to optimally enjoy the outdoor space, every day, in every season. 

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