For Sunrooms: – Double glazed glass windows, Aluminum with insulated panel walls.
For Patio cover: – Corrugated Aluminum and glass, Polycarbonate, and insulated Aluminum frames.

Ans:  Whenever a customer contacts us, we visit the site and examine the area to understand our clients’ needs.

Ans: StrongBuild offers a warranty of 3 years on labour and ten years on the material. We always stand behind our products.

Ans: StrongBuild sunrooms and patio covers are our most liked products.

Ans: Yes, we do offer to repair our products after the warranty period. 

Ans: Yes, we use frosted glass in the required products

Ans: Yes, we offer recyclable material. 

Ans: Our company has been in the service from last ten years.

Ans: YES, of course! Because we care about our mother earth, so, we do believe in recycling.

Ans: We provide sliding driveaway and swing sidedoor (walkway) gates.

Ans: Generally, the slope is ½ per ft.

Ans: The choice in color depends upon the product you want. Glass and poly-carbonate patio covers comes with transparent and bronze color, whereas Sunrooms can be powder coated to any customized colour. Contact us to know more about the color choices.

Ans: Depending upon the location, the structural design will vary, and our products can resist snow up to 40-50 lbs. per square feet.

Ans: Yes, StrongBuild’s patio covers and sunrooms structures can support wind up to 100 km/h which is equal to category 1 hurricane.

Ans: Powder coating is a process to apply color to a material. It is inexpensive and gives durable life to outdoor solutions.

Ans: StrongBuild sunrooms can be of any size, we provide customizes products for compact balcony, porch, and backyard area.

Ans: StrongBuild Sunrooms are guaranteed to be leak-free. So, without any worries you can enjoy in our sunrooms.

Ans: StrongBuild Sunrooms helps protect the furniture and carpeting inside your glass room, patio room by blocking up to 90% of harmful UV light.