Factors to Consider to Perfect Sunroom

Factors to Consider to get the Perfect Sunroom

Whatever you want to call it, everyone appreciates a good sunroom. Whether you enjoy having the sun on your face through a skylight or the fresh air coming in through an open window, or you yearn to be more in touch with nature even while you are indoors… All of these requirements can be satisfied by a sunroom. We Strong Build, Sunroom Builders in Vancouver can assist you in creating the ideal one by using following tips!

Consider your investment

investment in sunroom

You will return more than 50% of the cost of a sunroom if you decide to build one this year and later sell your house. The sunroom manufacturer you are dealing with might be able to help you get financing for your new area. This depends on the size of your sunroom; you might discover that a small personal loan or home renovation loan from a nearby bank is a better option. This works best if you hire a contractor to build your sunroom, but even a pre-fabricated kit for a sunroom can still need some site preparation and other building.

When thinking about this type of investment. It is crucial to gather all the information you need and do some serious preparation in order to comprehend your financing alternatives and overall budget. Make sure your sunroom fits your lifestyle and budget before you start construction.

Location and Primary Use

Location and Primary Use of sunroom

A sunroom can be used for a variety of things, like housing a family’s new pastime or providing a space for entertainment. It might serve as the entrance to and exit from the gardens or backyard. Decide what you want the room’s main use to be, then go forward from there.

You need to decide where the sunroom you will add to your house. Here, individual preference also has an impact. Do you desire a sunroom that receives as much sunlight as possible all day long? If so, place your sunroom in a part of the house that faces south. An east-facing position is ideal if you prefer watching the sun rise, while a west-facing room allows you to take in the late-afternoon rays.

Dimensions and Location of Windows

You can determine the size and location of your windows by keeping in mind the purpose of your sunroom. If you want to use the sunroom as a three-season, indoor-outdoor living room, floor-to-ceiling windows that convert the space into a screened porch are a good idea. If the space is mostly used for entertainment, large windows do not have to go all the way to the floor. Strong Build suggests using protective glass for windows of any size to prevent UV rays from fading furniture, upholstery, and wood floors.

Heating and Cooling

When you build an addition to your house, you typically need to budget for an expensive extension of the current heating and cooling system. Depending on the environment where you live, ceiling fans or vents may be all you need to keep the room cool in the summer. A room with good thermal windows will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Add an electric baseboard heater to your room to offer heat without using your home’s heating system.

Decor, Flooring, and Furniture

Decor Flooring and Furniture in sunrooms

The primary use, size, and position of your new sunroom in relation to the rest of your house will all influence the furnishings, flooring, and overall decor.

Furniture for a sunroom with an attractive entertaining focus will differ from that for a four-season space that can be converted into a screened porch. If your porch will be open to the weather with screens, choose outdoor fabric in fade-resistant fabrics and lightweight, mold-resistant materials like wicker or vinyl.

You have more design freedom if your sunroom is covered, does not have operable windows, and is practically an addition to your house. This depends on the usage and location of your sunroom, stone or tile may also be a good floor surface.

Prefab vs. Site-built

Site built Sunroom

There are two ways to build sunrooms. Using a prefab kit or on-site construction by a local builder.

You can research both choices once you have a general notion of the type of sunroom you desire. With the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) or the National Association of Home Builders, you can look up a list of nearby contractors (NAHB). Additionally, you can look up suppliers like Solar Innovations from the National Sunroom Association. Gather all the information before making a final choice because even with a pre-fab kit, some construction and site work may still be required by a local contractor.

Find out who can best suit your needs and your budget by getting quotes for each type of building. Before choosing, be sure to gather a list of references and speak to previous customers. Otherwise, you can get assistance from Strong Build, Sunroom Builder in Vancouver.

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