Does Sunroom Add Value to Your Home

Does Sunroom Add Value to Your Home?

The sunroom at home is considered a beautiful addition. It enhances the beauty of the place, grabs maximum eyeballs, and therefore may even end up being the source of admiration. This happens when the sunroom installation is done by the sunroom builders. The professional sunroom installers do the job with utmost efficiency. Their years of expertise speak volumes and show in their work. If you are someone who has a lot of spare space at home, get a sunroom installed by the best sunroom builders in Vancouver. Contact Strong Build Sunroom and get a free quote.    

If you are confused and are thinking about whether investing in the sunroom is worth it, or not. Let me tell you that the Sunrooms are not just another room in your home, but a whole lot of comfort and luxury. You may not get both in one place that too in any other room of the house.    

The Sunrooms as the name itself suggests are the rooms built of glass primarily to let in the rays of the sun without getting bothered by bugs and flies. Moreover, you get to enjoy the weather outside and at the same time, you be in the lap of mother nature. This certainly is not possible with the rest of the rooms at your place.    

Definition of Sunroom    

The sunroom is a glassed-in living space built typically in the outer part of the house but is accessible from indoors. People get it installed for an additional living area in the house, especially during mild weather.    

Types of Sunrooms

In Vancouver, you can get two types of sunrooms, three-season sunrooms, and four-season sunrooms.    

The four-season sunrooms are designed in a manner that can be used throughout the year. These are insulated in a manner that can be comfortably used in the winters. However, the opposite is the case with the three-season sunrooms.    

Alternative Names of Sunrooms

Alternative Names of Sunrooms

Sunrooms are called by other different names like solarium, conservatory, sleeping porch, sun porch, sun lounge, sun parlor, breezeway, and porch.     

Now coming back to the main question, whether the sunroom adds value to the home or not.    

The straight answer is that it does add value to your place. The biggest benefit is it increases the real estate value of the house. You make a one-time investment and you get rewarded multiple times especially when you think about selling your property. 

Adding a sunroom means you are improving your home, which means you will be spending money. But if you think of long-term goals, your home will help you make money. Someone has rightly said, to make money, first spend money. So, when you decide to get the sunroom installed, you agree to add value to your place. Also remember, a good investment is always profitable in the end. Having a sunroom is one of the great investments that you can make.

If you are thinking to get a sunroom installed, go to no one but the Strong Build Sunrooms, the best sunroom builders in Vancouver.    

Sunrooms Add Value to Your Home?

By now, we know that sunrooms add value – both aesthetically as well as financially (real estate market value).   Before getting a sunroom installed, some homeowners measure:   

The Cost Vs the Value    

Others measure the project’s worthiness by how much will it add comfort, increase the quality of life and bring in overall satisfaction. Those homeowners who assess every aspect before finally getting a sunroom installed create a win-win situation. They also benefit from its installation and definitely add value to the home.    

Benefits of Sunrooms     

Now let us see how the sunrooms add value. Here are various benefits that sunroom installation offers.     

One Sunroom, Multiple Purposes   

Sunrooms do not have limited use. These can be used in any form, be it a living room, dining room, entertainment space, kids’ room, guest room, relaxing space, or even the work station.    

Once built, sunrooms become as good as other rooms after these are fitted with window covers.     

Adds More Living Space    

As said above, the sunrooms increase the living space, and with that the value of the home increases by around 4%– 6%. Other than the bigger living space, many may even want the house to get maximum natural light. This helps in saving a lot of energy and reduces electricity bills because the more natural light, the more you will not have to turn on the lights, therefore saving energy.     

Gives Landscaping   

Almost everyone with a sunroom at home pays for the landscaping that comes with it. The glass sunrooms allow you to see beautiful things and nature outside. The properties that allow landscaping increases the value by around 5% –11%.     

Abundant Sunshine   

Needless to mention, this is also one of the major benefits that the Sunroom provides. This is one of the biggest reasons people like to get sunroom installed in their houses.    

A Flexible Space   

Flexibility increases with the increase in space at home. This happens with the installation of sunrooms by the sunroom builders. Earlier, people hardly understood the concept of an outdoor room, and also it was rarely talked about. The renewed focus on flexible living arrangements shows that outdoor rooms are common and highly in-demand, especially in Canadian homes.    

The sunrooms are flexible because they are customizable and versatile in nature. These can offer you anything from outdoor cooking, and food storage space, to bar facilities with proper lighting, sound system, and strong floor coverings. These are ideal for summers; you can also include fireplaces and make them a great winter escape.    

The best part of getting sunrooms is that you do not have to get a large sunroom. You can get a small sunroom too, depending on your budget, requirement and the space in your home. Also, A Michigan University study found that homeowners achieved about 109% return on landscaping.    

Reduces Electricity Bill  

Why would you want to pay an extra electricity bill when you have a choice to reduce it? I don’t think anyone would want to pay extra when given a choice between paying less and paying more. Sunrooms provide you with natural light. So, there is no need to use light bulbs or fans. Sitting in nature and getting everything naturally is not only good for your own health but also for your financial condition.  

No matter the kind of weather, your sunroom effectively gives your entire room a flood of light for long hours. Even on cloudy days, your sunroom will be bright.   

Create Perfect Space for Flora    

Create Perfect Space for Flora

If you are a plant enthusiast, then a sunroom makes the perfect place for your plants to soak up the natural sunlight.  

Do not confuse it with a greenhouse. But it is the next best and possible thing to keep your plants safe and healthy. The plants will continuously get sunlight in abundance. You can even go out without having to worry about keeping plants outside in the sunlight. So, the sunrooms are a perfect      

Mood Booster – A Cure to Seasonal Affective Disorder    

This may surprise you, but sunrooms are a great place to unwind, relax, and be with oneself. People often feel depressed in winters because of a lack of sunlight. This disorder is known as SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is quite common among people and roughly 350 million people worldwide suffer from it. If there is someone at home suffering from this disorder, it is suggested to get a sunroom. A small sunroom will also be beneficial.   

Other Health Benefits   

There are plenty of other health benefits too.   

  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Vitamin D Boosts  

It has been seen in some cases that exposure to sunlight lowers cholesterol. Minimal exposure does wonder in lowering blood pressure Increases immunity and gives the body a healthy boost. Vitamin D plays an even more important role. The sunlight is great for healthy bones.   

Difference Between Three-Season Sunrooms and Sunrooms    

There is no major difference in both terms. A sunroom is a collective term for all sunroom types whereas the three-season sunroom is a type of sunroom. It is one of its kind. When you decide to get a sunroom installed, you will have to communicate the type you would want because a place with cold weather may not support a three-season sunroom and a place with warm weather may not support a four-season sunroom. These factors must also be taken into consideration.    

A sunroom is an all-encompassing term that refers to a screen room, three-season room, four-season room, or solarium, simply put, it’s a room with abundant natural light and access to the outdoors If you’re looking for a sunroom addition that you can use spring through fall, a three-season room might be the right choice   

Why Choose Strong Build Sunroom Only?   

The quality speaks volumes and the sunroom installation services in Vancouver are pocket-friendly. Contact the team of our experts to know more about the services and the process of installing the sunroom.  

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