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Different RV of Awning Types

Your RV’s functionality is increased by the RV awning, which also provides shade from the sun and protection from the elements like rain. With minimal maintenance, awnings offer many years of trouble-free operation. If you want to get the RV awnings, you can contact Strong Build, Awning Vancouver.  

There are various RV awning kinds, and choosing the proper one will provide a number of advantages. Additionally, it will make your RV more functional and versatile, which will make your camping trip more enjoyable.  

However, it is advisable to consider all of your alternatives before deciding and be sure to research installation methods since some awning designs might be more challenging to install than others.  

In this blog, you will examine the various awning types that you will get on the market.  

RV Awning Types  

You can choose from a variety of RV awning varieties, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. It also has a different kind of construction material and a specific function. 

Awnings that Slide Out  

Simple RV awnings like this can be kept below the roof of your RV for added security. Those who do not want a permanent shade will love it. Because the awning may be drawn out manually or mechanically as needed.  

These awnings are often constructed of canvas, are affordable, and are simple to maintain; but, because water likes to collect on them, you must move them around constantly.  

Patio Awnings  

rv Patio Awnings

They can be used to build a sunroom outside of your RV. This is basically a roof, walls, and a doorway for entering and exiting. Another name of such awnings is covered awnings. And to create it you need extra fabric.  

When you park your RV, you may use the extra room for storage. This will provide shade and a screened-in area where you can truly relax.  

The biggest disadvantage is inadequate ventilation. These require more maintenance. The walls do, however, provide additional protection against splashes during downpours.  

Fixed Awnings  

Fixed awnings are the opposite of slide-out awnings. They are permanently mounted over your RV’s door and windows. These provide continuous protection from the sun’s heat, rays, and raindrops.  

The primary drawback of this kind of RV awning is that it may come off as you are travelling. Furthermore, they cannot be moved much or at all because they are set permanently in one location.  

Roller Awnings  

These RV awning models are roller mounted. They are tightly rolled up and placed into an RV recess when they are in the closed state.  

You can remove it manually or mechanically as necessary. Most roll-out awnings cannot be extended as far as roller awnings can. Thus, they provide more protection from the sun and rain. But because they have more moving parts, they need more upkeep.  

Automatic Awnings  

With the push of a single button, automatic RV awnings provide you with complete control.  

They instantly open, relieving you of the burden of having to deploy it manually. Additionally, they are movable and simple to maintain. To protect the awnings from harm, some automatic awning devices have sensors. This is helpful to retract awnings if the wind speed increases significantly. They are really practical.  

The only drawback is that they can be somewhat expensive. This means that any damage will lead to high expensive to replace.  

Types of RV Awning Materials  

There are several types of awnings materials. However, you need to go for one which is waterproof, and resists wear and tear.  

Vinyl Awnings  

Vinyl is an excellent material for waterproofing. It does not permit water to pass through them and successfully repels dust, sun, dirt, and scratches.  

The main drawback of vinyl-made awnings is that they have a tendency to absorb heat. This makes them extremely uncomfortable to sit under on warm days. Additionally, they require periodically cleaning to avoid the growth of Mould and mildew.  

Acryl Awnings  

These fabrics offer various benefits, for example durability and breathability. These are also waterproof. In comparison to other awning fabric varieties, they also offer higher protection against UV rays.  

But as time passes, they frequently extend. So, this results in wind flapping and water pooling. They are also not extremely waterproof because they can be penetrated by heavy rain.  

Aluminum Awnings  

Awnings made of aluminum are extremely robust and non-porous. This makes them extremely waterproof. They require little upkeep and can last for many years in good condition. You can get the aluminum awnings by contacting Strong Build, Awning Vancouver.  

The Things to Watch Out for When Purchasing RV Awnings  

Now that we are familiar with the various awning types and their materials. It is time to look at the important considerations.  

Simple Installation  

The last thing you need is an awning that will take hours to build or perhaps needs expert assistance. Because it will add to the cost.  

Additionally, you do not want an awning that has difficult installation and use instructions. Therefore, be sure to learn about the installation procedure before making an awning purchase.  

RV Size  

RV Size for awnings

You should actually buy an awning that is exactly the right size for your RV. So, this is the first thing to think about. Awnings that are either too small or too large for your car are not something you want. And because there are so many options available. It is simpler than you may imagine making that kind of error.  

Therefore, before making a purchase. You need to measure between one-third and one-half of the length of your vehicle. If you are replacing an existing awning. You can also use that as a guide. You can also ask your manufacturer about this.  


You may have a wonderful camping experience while in the vehicle by selecting the greatest style of RV awning. Because they provide you with a cosy space to unwind and hang out and shield you from bad weather. This Blog should help you make the best decision. Otherwise, Strong Build, Awning Vancouver will guide you as per your needs. Apart from awning, we provide the services of installing the sunroom, patio cover, home office etcetera. Contact Today! 

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