Difference Between Sunroom Installation Vs DIY Sunroom Kit

Difference Between Professional Sunroom Installation Vs DIY Sunroom Kit

Having a sunroom installed at home is always thought to be the job of professional sunroom builders. Although there is no doubt that, yet this digital age has brought quite a revolution in the entire process. The internet has almost convinced people to do everything by themselves. Watch a few videos and you can anything. You can learn how to mount the TV screen, try out new recipes and even take care of the little plumbing issues.   

Not just this, you can also add value to your home with a sunroom – that too all by yourself. But first, let us learn about the professional sunroom installation process.   

Professional Sunroom Installation  

Professional Sunroom Installation 

The Strong Build sunroom builders in Vancouver provide the best services right from the beginning till the end and even after that in form of customer support.   

Our team of professionals goes through the following procedure.  

In-Home Estimate by Our Sunroom Builders   

Sunroom Builders budget

To get the sunroom installed at your place, our team of professionals starts with a visit to your place. They learn about the procedure to provide a customized solution to fit the style and budget, depending on the need and requirement. Since every home is different and the needs vary from one person to another, our experts create a custom layout and design that perfectly fits the requirements of each home.  

Cost and Financing   

The professional sunroom builders at Strong Build take care of your finances and budgeting. You contact them for a free quote and then follow a three-step process that includes initializing, visualizing, and finalizing.

Sunroom Installation  

Sunroom Installation

After the talking, the next step is the installation process. The experts at the Strong Build Sunroom begin the process of installing the sunrooms of your choice. For instance, you can choose from three-season and four-season sunrooms. You can even seek guidance from our experts and get the best for yourself and your home.  

The process of getting a sunroom installed by professional sunroom builders is a stress-free process. Everything from the type of sunroom, right time, and even the budget is taken care of by the experts. So, it is always advised to hire a professional sunroom installer. You can contact the best sunroom builders in Vancouver i.e., Strong Build Sunrooms.    

Now let us understand about Do-It-Yourself Sunroom Kit.      

DIY Sunroom Kit    

DIV Sunroom Kit 

This means the whole installation of the sunroom is done without any professional assistance. If you like to go solo on the ride, then “do-it-yourself” may prove to be the right decision.   

Warning: Remember, there will be no expert to look into what may go wrong and it may even lead to extra expenses.    

If you think, handling everything from sunroom installation to taking care of it after installation is your cup of tea, then let’s get started and learn about the DIY Sunroom Installation.   

Things Sunroom DIY Kit Includes  

Frames and Doors   

Frames and Doors

The sunroom frames are made of powder-coated extruded aluminum. These provide structural integrity. The DIY kit offers easy-to-operate sliding doors, easily installed by self.   

Glass and Screens  

The kit also includes safety tempered single-pane glass. The screens allow you to enjoy the view without any glare.      

Roof System  

Roof System sunrooms

Roof panels are available for insulation from the weather and to provide maximum structural integrity.   

These kits are good for those who are experienced in installing Sunrooms. An inexperienced person may not be able to install it perfectly just as the professionals do. Not just this, by choosing the DIY sunroom installation option, you do not get the option of flexible financing or the option of warranty given by professional sunroom builders. 

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