How Does a Sunroom Add Value To Your Home?

A home is one of the biggest assets for a person, and improvements make an increase in its quality and value for living. But it is worth noticing that most Canadian homeowners do not know the value of their improvement projects and thus end up with high costs as compared to the value gained.   Before any



Can A Sunroom Be Used As A Greenhouse?

The comfort of being indoors along with enjoying the beauty of the natural environment is what sunrooms offer. They are the living spaces with air and light coming in and you can follow any of your favorite hobbies being in cozy surroundings. But do you know that these glass-enclosed areas can also serve for many



7 Eye-Catching Sunroom Ideas For Decoration

Do you want to garden all year round - even when it snows, rain, or storms outside?   A sunroom brings in a lot of light and an environment with an openness that is often pleasant to stay. Slide the panels aside, and you have a luxurious outdoor room, including fresh air. What's better than sitting



Modern Home Office Setup With StrongBuild Sunrooms

Your garden is outside, and your living room is inside. What do you choose when the morning sun is beaming? When you see the beautiful greenhouses, you understand where outside starts. In your home office setup, with a view all around, the experience of being outside is wonderful.   More and more people nowadays work from home after the lockdown situations