The Ultimate Guide to Sunroom Enclosures

 Have you ever dreamt of having an extra comfortable living area that not only gives a wide view of your beautiful outdoor garden but also acts as a relaxation and entertainment space?  If yes, then you might be very close to fulfilling your desire. In this guide, we will explain to you all that you



What About Putting a TV in a Sunroom?

Well, the sunroom is just like any other room. The only difference is it is not inside the house but outside, yet within the premises.    A sunroom is not only used for growing plants but it can also be used and converted in the way you want it to be. Yes, if you want your



Can Sunrooms Have Windows?

Sunrooms usually have windows. Infact, sunrooms are almost entirely made of windows. This also means that if you choose to get a sunroom, you will also have to make a significant decision about installation of windows.  Sunrooms are separate rooms built within the premises of the house. These are basically an extension of the indoor



Solarium and Sunroom Difference Explained

If you are a sun lover, you do not have to relocate to a warm place. You can definitely bask in the bright Sun just by staying indoors. Solariums and sunrooms are effective establishments that can trap sun rays and allow you to soak in the sunlight throughout the year. Needless to mention that sunrooms



Types of Foundations You Must Have for Sunrooms

All good relationships are built on concrete foundations and it holds true for sunrooms as well. Based on different factors like size, material, and methods, sunrooms are installed on three basic foundations such as:    Preexisting Deck  A Poured Concrete Slab  A Crawl Space  Each one of the above provides unique advantages. However, there are some