Types of Patio Covers and Their Uses

Patio covers or decks are great outdoor space extensions. These allow you to enjoy the natural landscape of your home while maintaining a sense of privacy. For many homeowners, patios are an essential part of the home and should be integrated into the design and architecture of the property.   Some homeowners build patio covers



Protect Your Outdoor Furniture with Patio Covers

Patio covers are freestanding or attached outdoor structures. These can be of any size. The patio covers are opened on the sides with framing and a roof that protects that space from rain and other weather conditions. If you have outdoor furniture, its protection should be of concern. After all, you would not buy new



All About Covered Patio Vancouver

A patio cover is a structure with open or glazed walls. These are used for recreational and outdoor living purposes associated with a dwelling unit. In simple language, we can say that the patio covers are attached to the house. It can either be opened from both sides or even enclosed (using different materials).  



5 Tips For Making Your Dream Home A Reality

The best partnerships are those that help you from start to finish. Yes, we are talking about building your permanent home. It will require some effort, however, toward the end goal you will actually want to step foot inside the home you have always imagined and that feeling is precious for everyone.   No matter if



StrongBuild Summer Sale is ON – Grab Before It’s Gone

Is your home ready for this summer? The time is again here when you want to spend relaxing time on long hot days, isn’t it? Perhaps you dream of having extra space in your home. But you are not waiting for a large-scale renovation. We understand your budget problems!   Here, an outdoor shade solution is multifunctional. The result