Sunroom into A Greenhouse

Can You Even Turn Your Sunroom into A Greenhouse?

Call it a sunroom or a solarium, if you have one at your place, you have got a lifetime of ease. Believe me! You do not just have extra space but a comfort place that can be transformed into whatever your heart desires.  

If you want a separate space for your work, sunroom will fulfill that need. If you want a separate space for your kids to play, look at your sunroom. Or if you are a plant lover, you can convert your sunroom into a greenhouse. 

Sunrooms are flexible in nature when it comes to their’ conversion and transformation. These are the combination of living spaces which combine the beauty of nature as well as comfort.  

These glass-enclosed areas serve a wide range of uses. For instance, one of the most exciting changes that you can bring to a sunroom is by turning it into a green house.  

Having a greenhouse will bring a sense of serenity and uniqueness to your place. Just change the interior of the sunroom and create a space full of nature and life.  

This blog will give you tips on how to convert sunroom into sunroom.  

Follow as you read: 

Using your sunroom as a greenhouse is easy only if you follow right steps. Also, if you keep certain considerations in your mind and do the changes with some personal touches and right resources, you will definitely love your new sunroom-turned-greenhouse. 

Steps that you must follow are: 

Consider Placement   

Consider Placement sunroom

This is really important because the plants would need more sunlight and limited shading for their healthy growth. Generally speaking, South-facing greenhouses thrive the most in terms of crop development. So, if your sunroom faces the South, you will benefit from the sun’s heat. Also, you will not have to install an additional heating source.  

If your sunroom does not receive the sunlight, the plants will not grow and even if they do, they might not survive for long.  

For instance, if your sunroom faces East, you can have the most success planting saplings meant only for the cool-weather, low-light wanting crops.  

The sunroom-turned greenhouses that are in the West, consider growing heat-loving plants. The plants will thrive the best in this direction.  

Decide the Material 

Decide the Material for sunrooms

Choosing the material is also important. Whether you are considering to build a sunroom from start or you are just considering to update the present structure, it is crucial to choose the right material. Types of materials you can use and its pros and cons are described.  


It is well-insulated and is easy to assemble but susceptible to rotting. 


It requires low-maintenance. It is rust-resistant but weaker than other materials. 

Galvanized steel 

It is durable, cost-effective and strong. But it is vulnerable to rusting. 

Minimize Overheating 

There are number of ways by which you can keep your sunroom cool and also minimize overheating during summers. Just start by covering a portion of the roof with plywood shingles so as to draw heat away from the sunroom-turned greenhouse. You can even furnish your sunroom with brick tables and plant stands. These will also absorb heat. 

Install Other Essential Items  

Install Other Essential Items

Even though you are about to convert sunroom into a greenhouse, you will have to consider keeping some of the things like;  


Utilize the space well. Keep benches for the plants. Arrange them on the benches and see how they fit aesthetically.  

Water Supply 

Since you are going to do plantation, you would need water. So, make sure your sunroom has an access to a sink.  

UV Lights 

Even though it is a greenhouse, you would need lights. Go only for the UV lights for cold, cloudy, or dark days.  

Heating Source 

During harsh winters in Canada, you would want to keep your plants warm. So, arrange a heating source.  

Insect Repellents 

Pests can harm your plants. So, it is also your duty to take care of them. Use insect repellents and save your plants from drying out.  

Place Chairs 

Make a little seating area too. Place chairs so that you can sit down and relax in your greenhouse.  

Considering to convert sunroom into a greenhouse will be a great move especially if there are no plants in the vicinity.  

You will not only get to enjoy fresh air but will also add to the aesthetics. Adding greenery to the house is always a welcome move.    

Now, let us see why you can consider converting your sunroom into a greenhouse.  

Advantages of Sunroom-Turned Greenhouse  

Source of Fresh Air 

Source of Fresh Air in sunroom

When you consider adding plants into a sunroom, you bring nature close to yourself. Yes, in day-to-day life, you may not be able to connect with the mother nature or spend some time with flora. So, this move will definitely give you a sigh of relief.  

Good for Plant Lovers 

If planting saplings, taking care of plants and flowers, building a garden is one of your hobbies, then what better than giving your sunroom a makeover? 

If you do not have a garden space at your place. Consider converting your sunroom into a greenhouse. It would be your best choice ever. 

Less Cost Involved  

This conversion does not require a million-dollar budget. Just a few things to add or throw from your sunroom and your greenhouse will be ready. 

Brings in Positivity 

Fitness enthusiasts can spend some me time in the lap of nature without having to go to gym or anywhere else. Yes, you get a separate space to practice yoga or carry out daily exercise.  


Even though greenhouse offers number of advantages, there are certain disadvantages too. But let us tell you these should not bog you down and change the decision. 

However, let us see what are the cons! 


Just like your sunroom, plants would also need your care, time, and consistent efforts. Let us not forget, you will also have to shell out some money from your pockets too. So, if you are ready to take up the challenge, go ahead. 

Fight the Pests and Insects 

Fight the Pests and Insects

Plants and insects share a close bond. If you decide to have plants, make sure you stay aware of the fact that insects will definitely show up. So, fighting them on a daily basis and keeping the area tidy might become a challenge. 

Costs Awareness  

Converting a sunroom into a greenhouse is no doubt a great move but make sure you consider the cost factor. You may have to change plants as per weather. So, some species of plants can even burn a hole in your pocket. So, is suggested to educate yourself and keep yourself informed before taking a big leap. 

Even though there are some disadvantages, advantages weigh more than the former. So, you must definitely look forward to converting a sunroom into a greenhouse.  

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While you are in a process of making such a decision, you may be seeking some more answers. So, to clear any left-out doubts, we have answered few questions.  

Just Have a look! 

Some Important Questions Answered   

Why Do Greenhouses Need Direct Sunlight? 

Why Do Greenhouses Need Direct Sunlight

Ideally, a greenhouse should get full sunlight. At least 6 hours of sunlight is needed per day, especially during winters. So, for this purpose, you will have to avoid placing your sunroom into shade that may come from trees and nearby buildings. However, in sunny climates, areas with high-altitude, shade-loving plants can get better growth.  

How Hot Will Be Too Hot for a Greenhouse? 

Generally, anything above 90 degrees F or 32 degrees Celsius is too hot. When the temperature of your greenhouse rises above 90 degrees, we advise you to take action so as to lower the temperature.  

Does a Sunroom-Turned Greenhouse Need a Base? 

Your greenhouse may or may not need a base. But in most cases, you would require a solid foundation.  

If we look into traditional greenhouses, their frames were built onto a little brick wall about one or two bricks high.  

Do You Really Need to Keep your Greenhouse Warm? 

Do You Really Need to Keep your Greenhouse Warm

The easiest and the least expensive option to warm up greenhouse in winters is to create a thermal mass or heat sink. These objects will observe heat during the day and release it during the chilly nights.  

Another important question – Does Your Greenhouse Need Ventilation? 

Yes, ventilation is must. It is in fact the most important parts of a greenhouse.   

Here are some of the things that a ventilation system can do to keep plants healthy. 

  • Regulates the temperature 
  • Provides CO2 
  • Regulates humidity  
  • Prevents pests 
  • Helps with pollination 

Install Your Sunroom with Strong Build Sunrooms 

Having a sunroom will prove to be a boon. There is no doubt in it. It will not only offer you extra space, but will also increase the real estate value of your home.  

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