Can Sunrooms Have Windows

Can Sunrooms Have Windows?

Sunrooms usually have windows. Infact, sunrooms are almost entirely made of windows. This also means that if you choose to get a sunroom, you will also have to make a significant decision about installation of windows. 

Sunrooms are separate rooms built within the premises of the house. These are basically an extension of the indoor living space, except for the fact that the sunrooms function just like an enclosure.  

Types of Windows for a Sunroom  

Deciding about the right windows for sunroom is as important as making decision about other factors. Common windows used in the construction of sunrooms can be of the following types –   

  • Stationary windows  
  • Casement windows  
  • Sliding windows 

There are also awning windows which allow air to flow in without interfering with the visibility. A sunroom gives you a chance to enjoy the warmth and beauty of outdoors without having to fight with insects and bugs. To make the most of the sunroom, it is very crucial for you to select the right kind of windows. For that, you must familiarize yourself with different types of windows.    

Choosing the Right Window Glass  

Choosing the Right Window Glass for sunroom

Ideally, the sunroom windows should be able to keep the heat of the Sun out. Also, these should be able to keep the room warm during winter. At the same time, make sure the sunroom allows abundant natural light. You can achieve this by various means; 

  • First of all, try choosing windows that have multiple panes of glass. Or you can also choose windows which have low-e coatings and are able to reflect heat energy.    
  • You can even have argon gas inserted between the window panes. It will help you in improving the ability of the window to insulate against cool and heat waves.     
  • In the last, you can also choose to include features such as snap-in shades. But this option may take away the transparency. So, consider all the factors before finalizing any window type for your sunroom. 

Best Windows for Sunroom 

The best windows for sunrooms would possibly be those which are large in size and have narrow frames. Windows large in size would provide the highest amount of visibility. Windows found in sunrooms can range from  stationary, casement, and sliding windows. Awning windows are popular choices for installation on top of stationary windows, because they allow air to flow in without interfering with visibility. 

The Right Location for Sunroom 

The Right Location for Sunroom 

The location of your sunroom plays an important factor. For example, if the homeowners live in cool climates, you may have to install a sunroom on the Southern side of the home so that they can enjoy the warmth and light. On the other hand, homeowners in warm climates would want to have their sunrooms on the North or Northwest sides. This will help in reducing the intensity of the heat from the Sun.       

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Prior to selecting a type of window for your new sunroom, you will have to consider some factors like the location of the sunroom and the weather conditions. In addition, you will also be required to determine the purpose of your sunroom before you buy energy-efficient windows. Depending on the size of your house, you may even choose to use your sunroom as an extended office space, dining room, bar, living room, garden or as an entertainment area.  

In order to enhance the functionality of your home, we have listed different types of windows that are considered good for sunrooms. Let us see it in detail. 

Sliding Windows  

Sliding Windows in sunroom

Sliding windows are made using large panes of glass that allow you to enjoy the view of the backyard. These windows are easy to open. You just have to push the window pane in a horizontal direction. Slider windows can be manufactured with different finishes and glass styles to complement different colours in a sunroom.  

Picture Windows  

Even though the sunroom gives you the pleasure of enjoying the outside air, you may choose to purchase picture windows for locations that are not easily accessible such as the top section of the wall.  

Picture windows have huge panes of glass which cannot be opened. Such types of windows are designed to increase the amount of natural light. Also, in addition, the homeowners in the cold climates might choose to install picture windows so as to eliminate drafts and also improve insulation.      

Awning and Casement Windows 

Awning and Casement Windows 

Casement windows are integrated with hinges. These are designed to open sideways and to allow fresh air to enter. While it is easy to operate casement windows, this type of windows can be operated easily. This window can let the rain enter your sunroom when these are left open. Awning windows feature hinges near the top so as to stop rain from entering the living space. At the same time, allowing warm air to leave the sunroom. 

Bay and Bow Windows  

If you are looking for ways to increase the size of your sunroom, you can choose bow windows and bay windows. These can also be utilized in creating seating areas or dining areas.   

These windows also offer large views of the surrounding trees and nature in the backyard. Moreover, it is considered comparatively easy to add character to the sunroom.    

Double-Hung Windows 

Double Hung Windows

Before you start to build your new sunroom, it is important for you to hire a professional and licensed contractor to ensure that the new living space follows local codes.  

In addition, a qualified and experienced technician can help you in assembling a sunroom that does not compromise the appearance of your yard. To enhance the curb appeal of your home, you may want to consider installing double-hung windows to improve the ventilation of your sunroom. Also, these are available in a number of styles and finishes. 

Window Glass Double Pane Windows 

Do not try to build a sunroom without a licensed technician. If you build the living space incorrectly, it may allow warm air to escape in the winter and cold air to escape in the summer. Depending on the climate in your area, it might become important for you to purchase double-pane windows for your sunroom. 

Single vs Double Pane Windows  

As the name suggests, double-pane windows are constructed with 2 panes of glass. These are specially designed to prevent heat loss in the sunroom. Krypton and argon gas is used between the glass panes to enhance the insulation and efficiency of your house.  

Double-pane windows are considered more expensive when compared to double or single-pane windows. It is advised not to purchase single-pane windows for your sunroom. These windows are not equipped with insulation or ultraviolet protection.  

Low-E Coatings 

In order to maintain a livable temperature in your sunroom, it is good to purchase windows that have low-e-coating.   

This type of coating is made in such a way that it allows natural light in the living space while reflecting excess heat energy.   

If you purchase a replacement window with a Low-E coating, it will keep the temperature good enough and safe for winters as well as summers.   

Frames and Materials  

There are different types of frames and materials one can choose from. Each has its own merits and demerits.  

Vinyl windows are an affordable, popular and rot-resistant option for sunrooms.   

Another low-maintenance and a great option is to consider fiberglass.  

Cladded frames like wood, fiberglass and aluminum are some of the best options for sunrooms. Most clad frames might not require repainting or might not have a wider selection of finishes.  


You would want plenty of fresh air flowing through the sunroom on a good day so that windows can be opened and closed with utmost ease. For example, our casement windows are the best option to enhance ventilation in the sunroom. 

If you are thinking about getting a sunroom at your place, contact Strong Build Sunrooms and Patio Cover builders in Vancouver. 

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