Can Sunroom Windows Be Replaced

Can Sunroom Windows Be Replaced?

The answer is yes, you can replace the windows of your sunroom. If the frame is in good condition, you can definitely change your sunroom windows without replacing the frames of the windows. This process is called pocket window replacement. But if the frames are getting old and are no longer sturdy, it will be best to opt for full-frame replacement windows.  

Now, the question may arise – Do you replace sunroom windows from outside or inside?  

In most cases, windows can be installed at least partially. However, every home is different and there might be some features that require full or partial replacement of the sunroom windows.   

There is no doubt that replacing your sunroom windows can put extra expenditure but at the same time, you must know the expense will anyhow be more if you decide to replace the whole sunroom. So, if you find the windows to be non-functional, then it is wise to get them replaced than getting a sunroom from scratch.    

Can You Change the Shape of the Window? 

This is a tricky process but definitely not impossible. The point is changing the shape of the sunroom window requires exceptional skill. To get it done effectively, you must hire a professional sunroom contractor, like Strong Build Sunrooms in Vancouver 

The experts will know better what is good for your sunroom and what is not so good for it. Replacing the sunroom window is a complex task because altering a window can affect the structure of the house, especially if the window is on a load-bearing wall. So, this task should be assigned to professionals so that nothing goes wrong with the rest of the sunroom.  

Is the Replacement Process Quite Messy? 

If you are considering replacing your sunroom windows, you may be wondering about the mess it will cause. The answer is Yes. A little bit of mess is definitely created but it will hardly have any effect because the sunroom is not inside the house. It is placed outside and whatever mess is formed, it gets sorted when the work gets finished. 

Process To Replace Sunroom Window  

The concept of sunroom windows is similar to that of sunroof inside the car. A sunroom provides natural light, space and a feeling of openness.  

It is important to know that glass windows and doors are all important components of a sunroom. These components require daily maintenance and cleaning.   

Cracked or broken windows in the sunroom can be problematic because these can lead to water leaks inside your home. It is suggested to introspect your sunroom windows on a regular basis and get them replaced when broken or cracked.   

  • Measure the Sunroom Window 

You can use measuring tape to determine the dimensions of sunroom window which requires replacement.  

Just buy a glass replacement of the same size and texture of your window.  

Remember, there are many different types of window glasses available in the market. Buying the right kind for your sunroom will benefit both the functionality and aesthetic appeal. Also, wear the appropriate safety equipment before attempting to remove the glass. 

  • Apply Masking Tape 

Apply Masking Tape

This is the second step. Apply masking tape diagonally on the sides of the window, if the glass is broken or cracked. Start from the top left corner and work your way towards the center. After that, turn to the bottom right corner.  

Repeat the process and start from the top right to the bottom left. It will keep the glass in one piece during the actual removal process. 

  • Remove Window Frame and Trim it 

Loosen the screws with a screwdriver. Remove one screw at a time until the entire trim loosens.  

You might have to use a pry bar if the trim is nailed in place. Remove all the nails carefully and then discard them. Use a hammer to tap the trim and remove it.  

  • Remove Old Sealant 

To remove old sealant, use a screwdriver or a scraper from the sunroom window frame. Remove all the traces of caulking and sealant.  

  • Remove Glass 

Remove Glass

Push the glass outward from the outside to loosen it from the frame. In the case of a broken sunroom window, get help from a friend. Start putting pressure at the bottom or lightly tap the glass with a closed fist until the pane is loosened. 

  • Apply Sealant 

For this step, use a caulk gun to apply modest amount of sealant within the perimeter of the sunroom window frame. 

  • Insert New Glass and Window Trim 

This is the last step where you have to carefully insert the new glass into the frame. Lift the glass on the top and set it between the frame and the applied sealant. Let the sealant dry before installing the trim.   

The process of replacing the sunroom window might seem easy but it is not. One has to be really skilled to handle such tasks. If anything goes wrong, it may affect your entire sunroom, which you would never want. So, to prevent any damage, it is better to hire professional sunroom installers. They provide after-work services. One such service provider is Strong Build Sunrooms in Vancouver.  

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