Can A Sunroom Be Used As A Greenhouse

Can A Sunroom Be Used As A Greenhouse?

The comfort of being indoors along with enjoying the beauty of the natural environment is what sunrooms offer. They are the living spaces with air and light coming in and you can follow any of your favorite hobbies being in cozy surroundings. But do you know that these glass-enclosed areas can also serve for many other purposes such as greenhouse apart from hobby room?  

A sunroom can be transformed into a greenhouse by bringing nature life into its interior. They bring a feeling of calmness and freshness to the outdoor of any house.   

Upgrading a Sunroom into a Green House

Upgrading a Sunroom into a Greenhouse

Transforming a sunroom in Vancouver into a greenhouse is not that tough. All you need is to follow the correct steps. When furnishing, you have to make proper considerations in order to make the right use of resources. You can also give a personal touch to the sunroom as per your choices and you’ll love your new greenhouse.  

Consider Placement  

When considering a greenhouse, you must ensure that your sunroom is in the right placement. Where light, air, and a limited amount of shade are accessed in order to grow the plants. For the best results, south-facing greenhouses are proved to be great as they gain enough light and heat from the sun. For other cases, you would need to install an additional heating source for the plants to grow.   

Consider Placement

Moreover, even if your sunroom has its face in opposite direction, you can still plant the crops as per the weather. For example, if your greenhouse faces west, crops like peppers and other heat-loving plants can be grown. For east-facing sunrooms, you can plant low-light crops that can be grown in cool weather.    

Choosing The Materials  

No matter if you are transforming an old sunroom in Vancouver or building a new one, it is always necessary to choose the right material. When choosing the framework of your greenhouse, don’t forget to look for its pros and cons.  

Aluminum: Rust-resistant and need low maintenance, also offers insulation  

Polycarbonate: The most-liked light-weight material which is in heavy demand  

Glass: A must material for sunroom to utilize its properties  

Minimize Overheating  

During summers, one of the major challenges is to minimize the heat and keep your greenhouse cool. This could be done through various methods. You can do this by covering the roof with shingles in order to keep the heat away. Additionally, use the brick tables and plant stands in your greenhouse that will help to absorb the overheat.  

Minimize Overheating sunrooms

Get all the Essentials  

Another thing to make your greenhouse functional is to add the necessities to it for making it functional.  

Water supply: Obviously, your greenhouse should have access to water and hydrate your plants.  

UV light: UV light is essential for different weather conditions, so install it for dark and cold days.  

Benches: Arrange the plants on benches and place them accordingly to fit the surroundings.  

Heating source: During winters, install a heating source to keep the plants warm.   

Seating: It is must to install a sitting area where you can relax in your greenhouse.  

Install your greenhouse with StrongBuild Sunrooms  

For a perfect sunroom that could be transformed into a greenhouse, StrongBuild Sunrooms Vancouver offers a variety of choices at affordable prices. Moreover, our team guides you in maintaining your greenhouse and utilize it to the fullest.   

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