Are Sunrooms Worthy of Investment?

Think of sitting and relaxing under the warm sun and feeling the gentle breeze in your backyard. This looks so fancy and soothing. Right? But what if bugs start crawling or the incessant rain starts? The whole mood gets interrupted.  

But the situation that becomes a spoil spot can be prevented with the installation of the sunroom at your place. The sunroom allows you to sleep, relax by being indoors and still being with nature.  

You might be thinking that you can enjoy the view by sitting and staring longingly out of the window. But does it even feel comfortable? You can sit a maximum of an hour but eventually, you will have to get up and go back to relaxing on the bed inside.  

This certainly is not the case with the sunrooms.  

Sunrooms in Vancouver

Now, imagine sitting in the Sun or working from home on a rainy day inside the sunroom, without getting affected by the drizzle or by the bugs. Engaged in your work or just relaxing on a bed – all with your own thoughts and no interruption from the outside. You are all in peace and serenity – You are achieving this by being within the premises of the house and inside the sunroom. You may sit and relax in your room, but you may not unwind yourself in nature. So, to get dual benefits, people prefer getting a sunroom installed by the sunroom builders in Vancouver. 

If you do not have a sunroom at home, you should definitely get one installed because, with a sunroom, the scenario would have been different.  

With a sunroom, you can sit and enjoy your favorite weather without having to compromise with work or vice versa.   

Besides comfort and luxury, sunrooms also become a valuable addition to your home. But many people may wonder if these are worth the investment or not. 

When you decide to get a sunroom installed, you must think of the purpose. Ask yourself a question, why do you want to get a sunroom installed? Is it just for fun, relaxation, or really an investment?  

Whatever be the answer, the sunroom at your place will benefit you in ways that even you may not figure out. If you have this place at your home, you will be able to utilize it in a number of ways and this investment will never go wasted.  

What is a Sunroom? 

A sunroom is a type of room that is simultaneously indoors and outdoors. It is an extension of your home. The sunrooms are partially covered in windows or screened openings. 

These give you the freedom to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors by being indoors. You enjoy open views with abundant natural light, without any downside. Perfect place for nature lovers – Enjoy the changing colors of nature in utmost protection from the harmful elements. In the sunroom, you can stay comfortable while you relax.  

Sunrooms are also called by other names like patio rooms, solariums, and conservatories.  

Structure of Sunroom and Its Types 

Sunrooms normally have at least one wall that is all glass. But the glass itself covers as much as 80 percent of the wall space. Some sunrooms can also be 50-70% less than the cost of the traditional additional rooms at home. Sunrooms are also of different types. People get the sunroom installed based on the weather of the location. For instance, in Vancouver, sunroom builders mainly built three-season and four-season sunrooms.  

About Four-Season Sunrooms 

four season sunroom benefits

Four-season sunrooms have enough insulation which keeps you warm and comfortable the whole year. The four-season sunrooms have higher thermal resistance, have got thicker insulation. It means these can keep cold and hot temperatures outside, keeping you protected from any harsh weather. These are made of stronger materials. These have double-paned, high-efficiency glass windows. The walls have lots of insulation, which helps in maintaining heating and cooling mechanisms. Thermally broken frames do not allow the heat and cold to get in the interior of the sunroom.  

About Three-Season Sunrooms 

three season Sunrooms 

These types of sunrooms are built at places that do not experience cold temperatures. These sunrooms are not insulated. Also, these do not have an auxiliary heat source. These are perfect for spring, fall and summer. Compared to the four-season sunrooms, these are cheaper to build and maintain. The walls of this sunroom are thinner, so fewer things are needed for its construction. 

How Do Sunroom Benefits You? 

We have already discussed the major benefit i.e., the sunrooms provide a beautiful and relaxing space. Let us see the other advantages of sunrooms.  

  • Increases the value of your home. Many home buyers look for extra space.  
  • Adds more livable space in the home. Sunrooms are very versatile so you can use them in any way you want.  
  • Great source of getting some sunlight during the winters. 
  • Can be used to grow plants. So, it can be used as a separate kitchen garden. 
  • No need to install artificial lights. A great source of natural light.   

You get to add a whole new room to the home without having to spend a huge sum of money.   

How Long Does It Take to Construct a Sunroom?  

Typically, sunrooms take less than a few weeks. But if you decide to get another room at your home, it can take months including planning and construction. The costs involved in adding a sunroom are usually less because sunrooms are often built off of existing decks. In this case, minimum material is used for the flooring. Also, the materials for the walls and the rest of the room costs less than building a regular room. Getting a Sunroom means you are adding a space in your home that too in an affordable manner.  

Are Sunrooms Worth It? 

No wonder the benefits are many, but is it right for your home to have a sunroom? It totally depends.  

If you want to add some space but do not want to deal with the costs required to construct a new room, a sunroom will prove to be the best solution.  

The Downsides of Having a Sunroom  

Having a sunroom is not all roses. There are some downsides too to adding a sunroom. So, whether adding a sunroom is worthy of investment or not, will be decided after looking at the downsides.   

  • If you get a sunroom at your home, you may have to pay higher taxes. When you add square footage to your home, you will likely be increasing your property taxes. Also, this factor will depend on the type of sunroom too. So, before you decide to add a sunroom, take these extra expenses into consideration.  
  • It may limit privacy because the sunrooms are made of glass. The walls are of glass and anyone can see through the walls. So, if it increases the visibility to the outdoor, it also allows the visibility of your tasks to your neighbors. Consider this factor when you choose the location for your sunroom. If not, you can add blinds or drapes to prevent intrusion into privacy.  
  • Increase in insurance rates – The addition of a sunroom to your home will likely increase the insurance rates of the homeowner. This is because your insurance company will cover the additional space and also the items you put in that space. 
  • Construction costs may include the overall cost. Sometimes people have to extend the foundation of their homes because most of the time, homeowners do not have the porch or deck to build their sunrooms. In such a case, construction cost goes higher and the project takes longer because building a foundation needs to be extended. 

Things To Keep in Mind Before Adding a Sunroom 

If you decide to add a sunroom at your place, make sure that it is built to match the current architecture. It will increase the value of your home. Do not take a decision in hurry. Think about your requirement and then take the step. Keep your purpose in mind and try to get a sunroom that can be used for multiple purposes at the same time. Besides, do not forget the budget. The more advanced sunroom you would seek, the more will the budget increase. The simple sunroom may give you fewer facilities, but it may even suit your budget. 

Communicating all the requirements to the sunroom builders is the safest way to get the best results. The professional sunroom installers know in and out of the installation process, where to install, how many days it would take, and so on.   

It is suggested to ask queries to your sunroom contractor and understand what all it would take to get the sunroom built. Today, DIY sunroom kits are also available but those are only meant for those who are experienced and well versed in installing the sunrooms.  

The sunrooms come in several variations and designs. You may not know which one should you go for, but the professional sunroom builder will always guide you right. To find a perfect sunroom for your home, contact Strong Build Sunrooms, the best sunroom contractor in Vancouver.  

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