All About Covered Patio Vancouver

All About Covered Patio Vancouver

A patio cover is a structure with open or glazed walls. These are used for recreational and outdoor living purposes associated with a dwelling unit. In simple language, we can say that the patio covers are attached to the house. It can either be opened from both sides or even enclosed (using different materials).  

Are Covered Patios Worth It? 

Are Covered Patios

Getting a patio cover might leave you thinking about whether you should get it or not. But the benefits it provides, in the long run, are unparalleled. As you proceed to read, you will get to know more about covered patios in Vancouver. Whether you should get these or not and if yes, then from where? 

Well, if you are thinking about getting a deck or a patio cover, you must be having a hard time making a final decision.  

Deck or a patio cover may be a bit of an investment but it is definitely worth every dollar you spend.   

To keep patios in good shape for years to come, you must use patio covers. The cover is a great way to make sure that the deck or patio stays in shape.  

Here are some of the reasons to invest in the covered patio 

You Will Save More 

Building a patio is a life-long investment but to keep this valuable asset intact, you will have to invest in its covers. For instance, if the repair of the average deck costs you around $1600 and if you do not get it repaired on time, you might have to suffer the consequences of its serious damage. Later on, it can cost you more. So, to get rid of any extra expenses or to mitigate the wasteful cost, use patio cover. The covers will give your covered patio protection. It will prevent patios from getting damaged unexpectedly, therefore you will not have to spend a lot on repairs later on.    

Not only this but a cover will also protect your deck from rain and debris. It will also keep the sun rays away on hot days. Patio covers are a definite way to keep your deck protected. Also, if you wish to keep the furniture outdoors, the cover will keep it safe and secure.  

Offers Flexibility 

Offers Flexibility patio cover

On hot days, it can be miserable to sit on your deck. To make hot summer days relaxing and enjoyable, you would need some shade and that can only be provided by the patio cover itself. With cover, you will have instant access to the shade whenever you want.  

Rain Will Not Drain

Rain Will Not Drain patio cover

To enjoy a cool rainy season with friends may call for a home pizza party. Sitting inside can be frustrating and upsetting. But with a patio cover, you will have nothing to worry about because it is neither the rain nor the sun rays which will bother you. So, it will be utterly relaxing to watch the rain as you sit outside.  

Save Electricity 

Save Electricity patio cover

Why shell out so much money out of your pockets when you have the privilege to save more. Yes, patio covers allow you to save money. Here’s how! You sit outside and enjoy the weather than sitting inside with air conditioning and lighting the whole day long. It gives you nothing but massive bills to pay later on. But with the patio, you will save a huge deal of money and reduce electricity bills.  

It Looks Appealing! 

Besides all other benefits that are discussed above, the appearance of the place changes and it is one of the major shifts you would look forward to with time.  

The covered patios create magic. These transform a simple patio into an elegant piece of art.  

So, if you are looking for a patio or a deck, contact Strong Build Sunrooms, Surrey BC.  

Strong build provides other services such as four-season sunrooms, three-season sunrooms, aluminum, polycarbonate patio covers, gates, railings, RV awnings, and the list is endless. Check out our fantastic collection and get what your place requires.   

It Looks Appealing

So above are the benefits you will get from a patio cover. Now, let us see how a covered patio benefits your living space.  

Outdoor living spaces are all the rage for good reasons among homeowners. 

Outdoor kitchens, decks, etc., have changed the entire game for outdoor living spaces. But such luxuries are possible only if your space has a covered patio. If you do not have one, then it is high time to get it upgraded.    

From daily living, and entertainment to aesthetics and property value, there are a lot of benefits of having a covered patio.   

The benefits are as follows;   

Expanded Living Space 

Getting a spacious covered patio gives you an area to work, play and even live outdoors. The desire to have an outdoor living space has increased over time among homeowners as well as buyers. Covered patios come with a variety of features like from living and dining areas to outdoor kitchens and even bars.  

Whether you are relaxing with your family or entertaining a group of friends, a covered patio is a perfect way to ensure that unforeseen weather does not interrupt your fun. 

Efficient and Energy-Friendly  

Efficient and Energy Friendly  

Do you know that a covered patio can actually keep your place cooler during warm days? Also, as already said above, these also help in lowering energy bills. Patio covers shade your home, and keep the sun from beating directly on your windows. To keep them cool, you can consider installing cooling features such as ceiling fans, coolers, etc.   

Protects Your Furnishings 

Protects Your Furnishings

You will not be able to have the pleasure of outdoor living without the proper furnishings. Outdoor living spaces are often just as carefully furnished and decorated as any other space in the house. Patio furniture, outdoor rugs, and other items take a beating when exposed to the changing weather conditions. Furnishing or decorating your home can prove costly. So, do not let it go waste due to the wrath of ever-dynamic weather conditions.  

Another benefit of a covered patio is that it helps in keeping the outdoor area fresh. 

Bad Weather? Need Not Worry!  

A covered patio allows you to enjoy your outdoor spaces, no matter the weather condition. Shade from the Sun and shelter from rain will keep you comfortable throughout the year. You can consider hanging shades, or drapes on the sides of your covered patio for added protection. Also, if you want to enjoy a covered patio in colder months, you can get a fire feature installed.  

Increases Real Estate Value  

Increases Real Estate Value 

Covered patios and outdoor living spaces add a lot of real estate value to your home. Why? Because today buyers look for homes that have outdoor spaces. They are ready to spend on such houses that have something extra to provide them. On the other hand, if you are not thinking of selling, a covered patio will benefit you and your family. You will have extra space to enjoy. But remember, whenever you think it is the right time to sell, the ball will be in your court and you will definitely get a competitive market price for your valuable asset.  

So, if you are someone who is looking forward to giving a new look to your home, or if you want to enhance the space without going a long way in adding a room, getting a Strong Build Patio Cover is the best decision you will ever make. 

So, contact us now, and let’s get the work started.

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