A Guide to Buying a Patio Cover

A Guide to Buying a Patio Cover

Building an outdoor living space may prove to be a huge investment because you will invest a considerable amount of money and time. So, you would also want to keep it appealing and sturdy for the time to come. 

There is one easy and effective method to do this- Just install a shade structure to protect your outdoor living space from unexpected and harsh weather conditions such as hailstorms, harsh sunlight, incessant rain and so on. In addition, it will also allow you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without having to move an inch from your comfort place.  

Before you invest in patio covers, you must also know about its kinds.  

Types of Patio Covers 

Today, patios come in variety of options. These differ in designs, forms, shapes and even structures. However, the best part is that each one of the patio covers offers comfort and ease.    

 Here are some of the most popular patio cover options: 

Patio Awnings 

Patio Awnings

Are you thinking about those cheerful striped shades? While awnings are a traditional shading option, designs and other advancements have paved the way for sleek and appealing patio covers.  

There are awnings that can rise automatically or can even retract based on the weather. Another bonus–awning can also help in shading your windows. It will help in preventing passive heating from keeping your home cool during summers.  


These are freestanding shading options. These are commonly seen in landscapes. Pergolas act as a cover to patios, walkways, and decks. Not just this, Pergolas also offers other useful functions which allow for comfortable and easy dining. Pergolas come in a number of designs, modern as well as traditional columns. So, you will have a lot of variety to choose from.    

Pergolas provide you with an outdoor space with an open sky and air while being in connection with the home. In addition to this, you can also use pergolas as a place to grow plants.  



This is another form of shading structure available. Umbrellas are casual, light, and quite cost-effective. These can be grouped with tables and chairs for a comfortable seating facility. These also provide you with enough shade to spend time outdoors. Not just this, these also come in a wide variety of designs, colours and patterns. In this way, your outdoor space gets vibrant.  

What makes these to be the ultimate choice is their mobility. You can also set umbrellas to block the sunlight, no matter where the sun rays go and no matter where they come from.   


If your home is modern or contemporary in style, lattice shade structures will prove to be perfect for your living. Lattice has thin and simple pieces that also form a rectangular shape. These structures are made of wood which is durable and long-lasting in nature. You can also add fabric to the lattice. It will give more flexibility, control shade and even soften the overall appearance.  

Solid Patio Covers 

Last but definitely not least are our solid patio covers. These exceptional shading options offer complete shade and protection from the outside weather. If you are looking forward to installing one at your place, contact Strong Build Sunrooms, the patio covers service providers in Vancouver. 

Benefits of Solid Patio Covers 

Controlling the Sun Rays  

These are designed to provide shade from the harsh sunlight and other uncertain weather conditions. It allows you to fully enjoy the outdoors without getting uncomfortable heat. Because your patio furniture is not constantly exposed to the sun rays, there will be less potential for them to fade or damage, therefore allowing you to keep outdoor items intact for a longer time period.  

Protection From Water  

Solid patio covers are handy during rainy days. These keep the patio covers dry and stops the mold from accumulating in the wooden furniture and rust in the metal.  

Adds Square Footage 

Getting a solid patio cover means adding some space to your home. While doing this, you also get to create a seamless connection between your interiors and the outdoors. In this way, you get an additional or separate spot for the family to get together and the guests.  

Improved Outdoor Living 

The best patio covers offer a good spot for fun as well as to carry outdoor activities for relaxation. The solid shade structure will also improve the time spent there. It helps Iin keeping the space cool and comfortable while also allowing plenty of light for any activity.      

Enhanced Visual Appearance 

As already mentioned above, there are different types of patio covers, so you should choose the design that adds better visual impact to the outdoor space.  

Patio Cover Materials 

How well your patio cover performs and how long it lasts will depend on the material you choose. That is why you should weigh each option’s pros and cons and then relate them to your needs. Only when you are able to measure every aspect will your patio cover be able to deliver exceptional performance.  

So, here are some of the patio cover materials you can choose from: 


It is lightweight and cost-effective. Vinyl patio covers remain on the list of homeowners who would like to stay on a budget. Vinyl patio covers stand out because of their free-maintenance which means you do not have to worry about sanding or painting the vinyl patio cover.   


There is nothing quite like wood when it comes to providing a natural and timeless look. Wood is durable and long-lasting. Also, it is available in a variety of colours and finishes. These make it easy for you to match your new patio cover with your home’s exterior palette and the architectural style.  


This material is a champion when it comes to durability.  It ensures superb protection from the Sun and other elements. It requires little to almost no maintenance. This means no possibility of rotting, cracking or even any serious damage. To get aluminum patio covers, contact Strong Build Sunrooms.  

Why Hire a Patio Cover Contractor? 

Patio covers, no matter how beautiful or sturdy, will require a professional patio installer. You will not only ensure smooth work from start to finish but will also ensure proper installation. Also, it will allow your home to get an upgrade, exceptional Sun protection and a long-lasting performance you expect. In case you are considering taking the DIY route for this project, you might find that it is not the best idea because of the following: 

Patio Covers Installation is a Complex Process 

Being handy with the tools and knowing the process thoroughly is needed as a priority. Having determination is no doubt admirable, but the home improvement project may prove to be challenging for an untrained homeowner.  

Working with a professional means that all the bases will be covered. The experts at Strong Build Sunrooms are deeply familiar with the structural and design aspect of your patio cover, so they should not have any trouble installing it to the exact specifications. 

You Will Require All the Right Tools and Equipment 

It is good if you have proper tools for patio cover installation. If not, DIY will get difficult. Also, a trip to the hardware store can get a bit expensive. But with experts by your side, you will get all the work done in a smooth and hassle-free manner. You will not have to bear any extra cost for buying products or any other material required for installation.  

Patio Cover Installation Mistakes Can Be Costly and Time-Consuming 

You would never want to waste your time, money and effort. For an untrained homeowner, it will be easy to make mistakes which can prove expensive to fix. But if you hire a professional installer, they will take care of it.  They will eliminate the potential of making mistakes and ensure that the work is done in a timely and effective way.  

Familiarity With Safety Standards is Important 

You would want a functional and appealing patio cover. But at the same time, you would want it to be sturdy and safe while you choose to spend time under it. This is exactly where the professionals come in. The experts know the local codes and regulations so they comply with those and then install the patio cover.  


Installing a patio cover might seem an easy task but it is not if done all by yourself without any professional assistance. So, to get a patio cover installed, call none other than the best, Strong Build Sunrooms in Vancouver. We not only deal in offering installation services for patio covers but also sunrooms, awnings, and much more.  


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