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A Backyard Sunroom Might Become Your New Happy Place

The COVID-19-induced lockdown has made people realize the importance of relaxing with self, family and friends in the lap of nature without having to move away from your own comfort place. Now, are you wondering how it was possible?  

Well, by having sunrooms at the place. Backyard sunrooms can be bliss for those who do not have one. 

The sunrooms are not just a room that provides solace from the bone-chilling winters but these are the glass installations that make life a bit easier and more relaxed. Imagine sitting under the harsh sun rays! Sounds quite uncomfortable! Now imagine sitting inside the sunroom getting just the warmth of the bright sunrays during winters. Sounds pleasant, right! 

Whether you want some time alone, or you want to work from home in a dedicated space of your own or you want kids to stay home and play or even if you want to sip your favourite coffee, the sunroom can help you do it all.  

Sunrooms are flexible in nature. You can transform them as per your requirements. If you want your sunroom to be a greenhouse, place plants. If you want your sunroom to be an extra space for relaxation, then place mattresses and convert it into a proper room. Transform it into a bedroom, a part place, a gym, or even a place to meditate – Sunroom can do it all.  

But does the location matter? Yes! It matters.  

Primarily, your sunroom will be built by professional sunroom installers. If you do not know whom to contact, reach out to Strong Build Sunrooms in Vancouver. Strong Build sunroom builders not only help in the installation of sunrooms but also other key facilities such as patio covers, awnings, gates etc. To know more about it, explore the service section. 

Where to Get a Sunroom Installed? 

Sunroom Installed

It is a big question that everyone seeks an answer to. The perfect location of the sunroom is decided by the sunroom builders.  

It is said that if you build your sunroom on a south-facing section of the house, you would get to watch the sun come up then east facing position is also the best while the west facing room allows you to have fun of the late afternoon sun and the sunset.    

Have a backyard sunroom and you will be able to make the best use of the space, needless to say, it will allow plenty of sunlight throughout the day.  

Here Are the Steps to Build a Backyard Sunroom? 

  1. Select windows 
  1. Determine your electrical requirements 
  1. Select the flooring Option  
  1. Frame it up 
  1. Install windows and doors 
  1. Install electrical wiring and fixtures  
  1. Jazz it up on the exterior 
  1. Complete the Interior 

These are the basic steps to building a backyard sunroom. If you hire a professional sunroom builder, there will be nothing to worry about because they take care of everything but if you decide to go DIY, you might have to face issues, especially if you are doing it for the first time.  

Here’s How Your Sunroom Can Become a Happy Place! 

High Real Estate Value 

Do sunrooms add value to a home? Yes, they do. This is the very first benefit of adding any new square footage to your house.  

A big house will command a higher real estate value and boost curb appeal. In particular, a sunroom can often cause your home’s value to shoot up even more significantly when selling.  

When you think about the value, and price, if sunrooms are worth it, it is important to consider the size of the investment.  

If you are wondering if it is beneficial to add a sunroom, just have a look at the numbers. You can get a quote on how much real estate value a finished sunroom can add to your house.  

If put in simple words, most home buyers will gladly pay a little extra for a home which features a functional sunroom, especially if it faces a beautiful and lush backyard. This extra real estate value will outweigh the cost of adding the sunroom in the first place – making it a perfect home addition to both the lifestyle and monetary gains.  

Reduce the bills  

reduce electricity bill

Nobody likes to pay utilities such as the electricity bill, but unfortunately, there is no real way to avoid them as well. You just need light to see, which means electricity.  

With a sunroom, you will effectively be giving yourself an entire room which will get flooded with the sunlight for hours in end.  

Even on cloudy days, the sunroom will be bright enough to see through clearly. Utilizing your sunroom as a personal or family-driven space for indoor activities can reduce your use of artificial lights. 

Bask in the Natural Sunlight 

Do you know about those days when the Sun comes in through the windows of a living room? You would just keep moving your chair across the room so it stays in the small patch of sunlight moving across the room? But with a sunroom, you will be able to revel in sunlight no matter where you sit. 

It means you will not only get to enjoy the gentle, natural light from the sun but will also get to enjoy its warmth — making a sunroom the perfect place to relax with a good book, a cup of tea or morning coffee or paper.  

Stretch Out in an Extra Space 

If you feel like your house is getting a little crowded, whether from a growing number of people or from a growing number of belongings, this would be the best time to add a sunroom to your house — an addition of a sunroom to your house will give you extra room to spread out. 

While any additional room or rooms will also serve the purpose of making your house larger and giving you extra room, a sunroom provides the extra benefit of acting as a separate getaway space too.  

While an extra bedroom will also feel like an extension of the house, a sunroom will have the potential to look and feel like a separate sanctuary. Maybe, this can be a private space as well. 

Use Extra Space for Hobbies 

If you enjoy crafting, scrapbooking, reading, writing or even bird-watching, a sunroom will be the perfect place to use as a home base for this practice. You can even transition your sunroom into any useful space you desire. 

In a space dedicated solely — or almost solely to your hobbies and artistic pursuits, you will not have to worry about getting a new room constructed. Just use the sunroom as a hobby room and the purpose will be fulfilled.   

Enjoy the Added Luxury 

If you are like most of us, you will have to spend a good portion of your life denying yourself the things you really want just to focus on the things you really need.  

Maybe you really want to go on a vacation to Europe, but could not because you needed to pay for a family member’s medical treatment. Or there can be any other reason as well.  

A sunroom gives you a good opportunity to indulge in your desires for once and allow yourself a little luxury. The sunroom is installed within the premises of your house so it is considered safe. The best of all of the above is that it serves as a luxury real estate investment.  

There’s hardly a disadvantage of having a sunroom. Once you get a sunroom installed, it will definitely become your happy place.  

If you have any query regarding sunrooms, contact  StrongBuild Sunroom builders in Vancouver.  


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