8 Best Gate Designs For Home With Pictures

8 Best Gate Designs For Home With Pictures

People say “first impression is the best impression” and this theory applies to your home as well. When you invest too much money in your dream house and forget to secure your gate, your all efforts go in vain. Don’t let that happen to you and choose the right kind of gate that comes with security and privacy. In this modern era, a wide variety of choice railing & gates are available that look classic, elegant and increase the value of your property. Check out the list of the 8 best gate designs that attract anyone’s attention. No matter if you are buying a new home or just planning for renovation, you will definitely fall in love with these gate design ideas.

Top 8 Gate Design Ideas For Home

Contemporary Slat Design

Contemporary Slat Design 

If you want to create a long-lasting impression on your visitors, choose the gate that comes with diagonal slats with a contemporary twist. Apart from this, placing the slats together can also give you the maximum privacy and allow even big vehicles to enter the home.   

Design: Contemporary Wooden Slats  

Color: Coffee, Brown, Light Brown  

Elegant White Picket  

Elegant White Picket

A White picket gate adds security and privacy to your property. Elegant white picket gate is strong, durable, and easy to maintain, and is perfect for large homes.   

Design: Picket Gate  

Colors: Common Colors are White, Black, Brown   

Eye Catching Mesh Screen  

Instead of sticking to the standard designs, you can go for this one for your home. The gate is made up of metal and modern glass that suits to every home. However, the gate gives a fuller view of your front yard. So, choose wisely.  

Design: Mesh Screen  

Colors: Depend upon your choice  


Luxe Frosted Glass 

Luxe Frosted Glass design gates for home

Glass, steel, or aluminum- the combination of all these things together creates a luxurious gate. This type of gate has a high tensile strength due to their unique built and are ideal for entry points. Create a statement look to your home with this luxe frosted glass gate and allows plenty of sunlight to shine through. However, the gate also offers privacy and is perfect for those people who want a modern and luxurious appeal!  

Design: Frosted Glass   

Colors: Depends upon your choice 

Impressive Pergola Gate

Impressive Pergola gates design

If you are looking for an affordable and classic gate “Pergola” is one of them. Check out this eye-catching gate that attracts anyone with its look and material and is covered with greenery from both of its sides.   

Design: Pergola  

Colors: Coffee, brown, white  

Side Door Gates 

Another most famous gate on this list is side door gates which is also famous with the name of walkaway gates. A wide variety of side gate designs are available that add some personality to your house backyard or garden. This black gate can draw the attention of your visitors at a very first glance.  Apart from this you can also choose readymade gates to meet your requirements.  

Colors: Black, Grey, White, Golden  

Motorized Gate

Motorized Gate for home

Are you looking for a gate that lasts forever? Motorized gate is the answer. By installing a motorized gate in your home, you can enjoy a happy or peaceful life. All thanks to its high-quality strength and low maintenance. This type of gate gives you advance feature of automatic opening. 

Design: Motorized Gate 

Colors: Dark brown, dark black  

Sliding Gate  

The last gate on this list is the “sliding gate” that comes with high security and privacy. No human and animal can enter into your property without your permission because of its superior privacy. Highly recommend to large houses.  

Design: Slider gate  

Colors: White, grey, black  

Hope you like the collection of gate designs for your house. From side door gates to basic front gates, you will get multiple options. Are you still confused about which type of gate suits for your house? Contact us and we would suggest you the best gate that suits your needs and requirements.   

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