Things to Consider Before Adding a Sunroom

12 Things to Consider Before Adding a Sunroom

A huge undertaking is building a sunroom for a house. There are several considerations to make as you start planning this home improvement.  

We at Strong Build, Sunroom Builder in Vancouver, are industry experts in sunrooms, and we have guided countless homeowners through the process of adding one. In fact, we manage every aspect of constructing a sunroom, from permission to installation. Therefore, we are aware of some of the key concerns that homeowners have as well as some of the subtler, less evident details. 

1.Typically, Sunrooms are not a DIY Product. 

Sunrooms are not a DIY Product

Even though a sunroom addition is less complicated than other types of room extensions, installing a sunroom still requires significant structural changes to the house. Because of this, most homeowners should not attempt to construct their own sunroom.  

There are exclusions, particularly for homeowners who are professionals in their field. However, a novice homeowner who constructs their own sunroom may unintentionally result in leaks, drainage concerns, heating and cooling problems, and inefficient construction. The only person who can add a proper sunroom to a house without endangering its structural integrity is a professional contractor who is familiar with the building materials, regional building codes, and best construction procedures.

2. Working with a Sunroom-specific Company as Opposed to a General contractor has Benefits. 

The installation of sunrooms is a specialty for sunroom installers. And they are well-versed in the dangers and solutions to these issues. General contractors with less experience and a higher risk of project complications are those that do not specialize in this kind of construction.

3.Before Hiring your Sunroom Contractor, ask for References. 

Never hire a sunroom contractor who has no references. Good references help prove that a contractor is trustworthy and skilled in the trade. Look for a contractor who has a long history of providing quality products. And they can provide testimony from satisfied customers and carry clean records with the state licensure board and other organizations. Also, remember that a good contractor will also supply a comprehensive contract that fully details the role of the contractor and expectations for the homeowner. For example, you can contact Strong Build, Sunroom Builder in Vancouver, our seasoned experts work by keeping all considerations into mind. 

4.Sunrooms are not all Made of the Same Materials.

The following materials are most frequently used to frame sunrooms:  

Aluminum: Aluminum is strong and resistant to the elements. It is also simple to work with and can take on a wide range of shapes.  

Vinyl: Unlike aluminum, vinyl is available in a variety of colors, allowing homeowners to choose the shade they like most. Additionally, it is adaptable, energy-efficient, and simple to maintain.  

Wood: Wood is a common choice in high-end homes due to its unmatched beauty and warmth. But it requires more maintenance. The space itself must have great humidity management, and the wood must be built with high-quality fasteners. Without adequate maintenance, a wooden sunroom may be susceptible to damage from sunshine or dampness. 

5.When Building a Sunroom, unforeseen Problems may Occur.

There is always a chance that a contractor will find water damage, leaks, or Mould when they cut into a house, take down a wall, or perform other significant structural changes. Before work can proceed, any decay in the wood or Mould in the walls, you must fix.  

Additionally, homeowners who choose to choose an unreliable contractor could run into other issues. When utilizing subpar contractors, homeowners frequently experience construction delays, subpar workmanship, subpar supplies, and miscommunications. Working with a contractor who is respectable, known for quality work, and good with customers is the best approach to avoid this issue. 

6.Estimates for Sunroom Costs Vary.

Cost factors include size, materials, sunroom type, home location, contractor rates, age, and condition of the house. Prefabricated buildings are far less expensive than handcrafted sunrooms, but they also provide less value. While the cost of a screen room typically starts around $25,000. Moreover, a more common sunroom, which is a room with entirely enclosed glass, may cost up to $178,000 on average. Getting quotes from contractors is the easiest approach to determine the cost of a sunroom. Strong Build offers sunroom solutions for a range of price points and frequently runs sales on sunrooms. 

7.If you Do it Right, adding a Sunroom can Improve the Value of the Home.

If you are selling your home, you should be able to recoup some or most of your investment, because all-season sunrooms count as square footage, which increases the value of your home. That is, if your sunroom is installed properly by a reputable contractor with knowledge of local building codes. 

8.Your sunroom may easily be heated and cooled.

You might imagine that sunrooms are hard to heat in the winter and hard to keep cool in the summer due to glass. Sunrooms may be as cozy as the rest of the house, though, with the right planning and energy-saving measures. Consider installing an HVAC system and a ceiling fan to keep your area comfortable all year round. 

9.Energy Efficiency May vary Depending on the Type of Windows, you use.

In the winter, glass doors and walls may become chilly unless the windows themselves are energy efficient. A temperature dip in the sunroom during the winter is less likely to be felt by homeowners who utilize double pane glass with Low-E coating. In general, a well-built, properly aired, and made of high-quality materials sunroom should not have a significant condensation issue. 

10.Your Sunroom Does Not Necessarily need to Have a Glass Roof.

Stargazers and sun worshippers both can enjoy the glass roofs on some sunroom types (solariums, for instance). You might not want to spend so much time in the sun, though. Engineered roofing panels can offer sun protection. 

11.Sunrooms may have Windows that are Movable.

Sunrooms may have Windows

Windows make up a sunroom, although they are not necessarily operable. But if you wish, you can have windows that function. Work with a licensed contractor who can include this in the sunroom blueprints, but only if you do so.  

12.You can wire your Sunroom with Electricity.

To ensure that the power facility is proper, homeowners who want electricity in their sunroom can consult with their contractor.  


Indeed, there are a number of considerations that you need to keep in mind when you are thinking about installing a sunroom. If you want to install a sunroom that eventually will enhance the aesthetic of a house then contact Strong Build, Sunroom Builder in Vancouver. 


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