10 Easy Ways to Clean Decorate Your 4-Season Sunroom

10 Easy Ways to Clean, Decorate Your 4-Season Sunroom

Having a sunroom that just sits on your premises unattended will be of no-good use unless you adopt ways to clean, and decorate it.  

A four-season sunroom will offer a number of advantages, only if it is not left untouched getting covered under the layer of dirt and dust. If you are wondering how to transform your four-season sunroom, then this blog is for you.  

What are Four-Season Sunrooms? 

A four-season sunroom is enclosed with glass. It allows breathtaking floor-to-ceiling views of the outdoors. The roof and frames of these sunrooms are engineered thermally so that the room can be heated and cooled around the year, making it a true extension of your place.  

Allowing the sunroom to gather dust is not a wise choice to make. So, here are some tips that you must look into to take care of your four-season sunroom.   

Clean and Maintain Individual Parts of the Sunroom 

Complete cleaning will be a great move.  

The Frame  

Use a soft cloth or a brush for vinyl surfaces. Avoid steel wool and harsh scrubbing sponges as these can cause damage. You can even remove light debris such as dirt, dust, and even smoke by using warm water and a mild detergent. Do not use solvent-based or any abrasive cleaner, as both can damage the vinyl. 

To remove stubborn stains, the following cleaning agents might help: 

  • Soft Scrubbing 
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Mineral Spirits
  • Lanolin Cleaners
  • Lacquer Thinner 

Inside Windows 

For the inside windows, cleaning sunroom windows is just like cleaning any other normal window. Using a glass cleaner with a soft rag will also do the job well. Condensation can lead to streaking; however, you can prevent condensation just by opening some windows and skylights during cleaning. Do not use razor blades as these can scratch the glass surfaces. 

Outside Windows  

Sunroom windows

Exterior sunroom window cleaning can take time because dirt accumulates on the outer part of the windows. The best way to clean the outside sunroom window is to start by removing debris with a garden hose. Once you are done, use a glass cleaner. If you still see the dirt on your outside windows, apply mild soap, detergent, mineral spirits, and naphtha solvents using a cloth, spray bottle, and a sponge.  

After all, this, allow the cleaning solution to sit for a few minutes but do not wait for a long time to dry. Once you are done finishing a small section, just rinse the area using clean water and then proceed to the next section. Use a lint-free cloth or a squeegee to dry up the glass.  

Casement Windows    

These windows are attached to the frame by hinges. Clean them just like other windows and also make sure you grease the hinges with oil at least every six months. 


The first step in cleaning sunroom window screens is by removing them. Just pull out the screens by disengaging the side clips, then place them on a clean surface and remove any dirt using a gentle brush. Also, thoroughly rinse and dry the screens before placing them back. 


sunroom door

The material used in the door will determine the cleaning method you will use. 

  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass doors are exceptionally durable as they will neither rot, split, warp nor rust. However, the finish may disintegrate over time. Cleaning the doors regularly by rinsing them with water, a mild detergent, and a cleaning solution. 
  • Steel: If the paint on your steel door is splitting or cracking, clean the door and then let it dry. Then, sand the surface lightly and also add some paint so that it matches the overall finish. 

Roof Panel  

If the sunroom roof contains aluminum roof panels, just wash them with warm water and a brush. This is how you can get rid of the grime and other deposits. Also, do not stand on the roof while washing the panel.  

Weather Seals  

While cleaning your sunroom, you would want to make sure not to dislodge the weather seals attached to the doors and windows. If you notice that a weather seal is out of place, just slide it back into the right position, so that it does not get damaged when you close the door or the window. If a weather seal gets damaged, replace it immediately. 


It is important to clean and remove debris from the gutters of your sunroom at least once every few months. Gutters on a sunroom addition can be different from those in your house. Regular cleaning of the gutters will ensure that the downpipes do not get clogged up. If you live in a cold region, you may even want to think about installing heat trace cables in your gutters to prevent them from freezing.  

Handles, Locks, and Deadbolts  

These must be kept moving. So, use a light machine oil to lubricate the moving metallic parts. 

After Cleaning, Decorate Your Four-Season Sunroom 

Here’s how! 

  • Add some pop color 
  • Allow it to shine and light up!  
  • Decorate the windows using drapes 
  • Use multi-purpose furniture
  • Get rid of the sharp edges
  • Say no to the drafts
  • Create a separate wall space
  • Place some indoor plants 

Add Pop Color 

Most four-season sunrooms are built using the same neutral whites and browns just like the rest of the house. Just shake things up by painting the walls in electric blue or a cozy yellow. You can even experiment with wallpaper if you want a new look without painting it permanently.  

Allow Some Light in the Sunroom 

Allow Some Light in the Sunroom

Do not shy away from allowing abundant natural light in your four-season sunroom. Think about transom windows, glass doors, and skylights that will allow you to track the progress of the Sun during the day. 

Decorate the Windows 

If the sunlight is too strong, ghost glass can mute its glare into a comfortable and soft glow. You can even decorate your windows using glass wax and stencils. 

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture 

When you do not have enough space, you would want to utilize every inch in a productive way. So, you can create seats out of the storage trunks, buy couches with built-in bookcases, and even invest in cabinets that can fold back into the walls of the sunroom. 

Get Rid of Sharp Edges 

If you want to create a comfortable retreat away from the hustle of the main house, then it is important for you to clean all the snags. Use cushions to decorate the furniture and also invest in billowing drapes for the windows of the sunroom.    

Create Some Wall Space 

If you have a lot of windows and the wall space is not enough, it is suggested to co-opt the former to get the latter. You can buy some special adhesives through which you can attach some paintings, shelves, and also the counters to glass surfaces without causing any damage to them.  

Give Yourself a Second Story 

Yes, you can add a second space to your sunroom. If you like nighttime stargazing but you lack a comfortable place to carry it out, then consider hiring a contractor and adding a spiral staircase to it.  

Bring In the Outdoors 

Bring nature inside the sunroom. Hang plants from the ceiling, place vases on the tables, and start a mini-garden in the corner. 

Keep One Texture 

Many four-season sunrooms are haphazard collections of art and furniture, but they look better when a definitive theme is used for the interior décor. For instance, if you are using a particular color or texture, keep the same in the interiors. It is just a suggestion. You can do whatever you want, the possibilities are endless just like the imagination.   

All of the above are some of the ways you can choose to keep your sunrooms updated. So, do not wait. Just get up, you just need to take a step ahead and get a four-sunroom of your choice. If you do not have a sunroom, contact StrongBuild Sunrooms, the best sunroom installers in Vancouver. 

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